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My zombie nightmare

By adminThursday - December 1st, 2005Categories: Uncategorized

All the rich people in the city were told that there was a catasrophe about to occur. They were told that they could prepare, that it wouldn’t be a big deal, they could just pay some money and they would be able to survive in a makeshift bomb shelter under city hall. They were lied to.

Certain members of the military were told about an elite force being set up, where at the end of it they’d get special danger pay and recognition. They were to participate in a manuveur that had them inside a bomb shelter for several months. The government wasn’t truthful with them. One man escaped only to later on kill himself in a room in city hall.

They were all killed and eaten slowly by zombies.

When the zombies first attacked I made my way to the bombshelter under city hall where I thought I’d be safe. On my way I witnessed the soldier’s suicide, right before coming to the shelter. Upon my arrival at the shelter I could here voices screaming inside. I didn’t want to look inside. I knew there had been a masacre. The zombies were inside with them.

I couldn’t hide, I would have to find another way….

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