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Bafflements, frustrations and annoyances

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Never say that you’ve seen it all…..

My second day off was called on account of me beign the *only* person available to cover the shift. So after working for seven days in a row I get one day off and then I’m back for another six, then rinse and repeat. Grrrrrr……..

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Sizing it up.

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My comic book characters are so epic that their story can only be told in 8.5 x 11 format!

Once I printed out the proofs it quickly came to light that the text was simply too small in a lot of places.
My editor had told me this right from the get go
Which leads me to my next lesson, my editor is usually……right.
There, I said it.

I’m now also working opens for the next month…ugh!
But they are actually really important if I want to move forward at all.
So……yeah…..starting work when I normally go to sleep (4:45am)?
I’ll deal with it….Damn coffee zombies.

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Rare Beauty

By adminThursday - March 23rd, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

A certain red-haired angel gave me one of the greatest gifts of all times…..Jamacain coffee.

Thank you! It’s awesome! I’m enjoying every sip of it!

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Not in My Backyard (This is a rant by the way, sensitive viewers can fuck off now)

By adminThursday - March 23rd, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

Sorry Alyce, this is a repeat for you.

City Chronicles Part 5

I was at work this evening when one of our regulars came in (she works in a store that’s right beside us).

“Did you know there is a bunch of people who’ve set up some dome tents out back?”, she said.

I knew that there was an entire village of homeless people out back, I’d been told so by the police and I thought that this was pretty common knowledge so I assumed she was talking about our back parking lot and asked her to show me them (after shewing everyone else back to work). She pointed to the far, far back area that’s not even connected to us.

“They are coming up to our back fence and going to the washroom there, that’s what’s causing the big smell you know”, she told me, “They bike around our neighbourhood and come up to our customer’s windows and scare them, you wouldn’t want them coming up to you like that would you? They drive through your drive through. Have you called the city? We’re calling the city tomorrow.”

To this I simply told her the fact is that the city doesn’t own that lot and that if anyone calls the police for trespassing it’d have to be the owners of the property who are listed right there on the for sale sign. I told her we could call them and let them know but that`s about all we could do. She didn`t even hear what I said, because she just kept repeating how we should call the cops and the city to get rid of them.

After she was gone I had to go in the back room for a minute to calm down…it didn`t work very well obviously because I`m incensed enough to write this rant.

Move them…..WHERE?! In a city where affordable housing for lower income indivduals is non-existant and people would rather build condominiums for the new young up and coming moguls, where are you going to put a group of completely destitute people? These people aren’t those little rich kids who decided to run away in order to “get back” at Mommy and Daddy, they aren’t the fake homeless people who wear more expenseive clothes than I do. These are the truly homeless.

With the Liberal government’s destruction of the welfare system in our province, I am seeing more and more people forced out on to the street. I see it first hand as I go to work everyday. I see the poor shlep who wasn’t able to get a job before his 6 months of employment assistance ran out. I see the man who is a psychiatric out patient at Vancouver General Hospital (don’t even get me started on the Health Care system, let alone Mental Health care) is supposed to stay at a half-way house but wandered away and hasn’t taken his medication in months because he has no idea how to get back there. That’s what I see. That’s what’s become of our city filled with more and more people who have slipped between the ever widening cracks of various systems, that have been reduced to shadows of their formere selves so the government can save itself more money.

This is the part where I get to hear about how homeless people choose to be homeless. Uh huh. If that’s what helps you sleep at night, continue on thinking that. But for every person who has alternatives, there are more who don’t. People tell me there are shelters for them there are places they can go at night. No. That’s not necessarily true. For many reasons. Some shelters have designated times that everyone has to be in by. This isn’t always possible for some people to make this “curfew” if you will. Some shelters say that you aren’t able to come in if you are intoxicated or high, some people aren’t able to abide by this rule. I understand these rules and I think there are perfectly reasonable, however, these are two of the biggest reasons why people don’t go to shelters, are kicked out of shelters or are refused entry to shelters. This is why they don’t work for everyone.

The next thing I get to hear about is how “if homeless people can afford to get high/drunk why don’t they just spend it on getting a place to sleep at night?” Well for anyone who has does any serious drugs, they know that you don’t need money to get high/drunk. If you have something to barter with you can get all kinds of things…sadly, I don’t know any rooming houses that take stolen goods or other things along that lines in return for lodging…….Maybe that’s it. Maybe we need to get some old dingy buildings and let people know we are willing to take whatever they have to give us in return for room for the night….

Damn it! That’s it! Clearly we have to start a chain of “blackmarket” hotels, of course we’d have to hire people as clerks who are willing to recieve sexual favours as well because that would obviously have to be one of the forms of payment. I’m sure the government would be all over this…I could totally get funding…..

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The perimeter of the battle zone was hazy that afternoon…..

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Apparently all liquid I’m consuming seems to be going towards mucile production….


Sometimes anger can wake you up and make you take notice. Sometimes just a little anger is all you need to start the fire. Sometimes you need to threaten someone’s life if they don’t shut the hell up and then you wake up and take notice………

At the same time, there is the fact that too much anger will lead to destruction and will not accomplish what you need. In that instance you have to finally make the choice. A choice too long in coming. I’ve got a lot of thinking to do.

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The Beth’s New Clothes

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I have just made the most ridiculous yet comfortable bunny hug (hooded sweat shirt) ever! It’s got a jester-style hood and finger holes and it’s completely patchwork. I look like a fool….quite literally but I love it. Unfortunately, I don’t think many will want to be seen with me when I wear it. But it’s sooooo warm and comfy and now onward…to more endeavours.

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Sleeping Panda Kitchenware

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Imagine my disappointment to find that this was not raspberry flavoured panda jerky as I had hoped…..

Sometimes there are moments when you don’t realise how important they are until they are over. What’s even better is when you aren’t disappointed by this.

Also, I have been blessed with a new sewing machine. This machine is reminiscent of the sewing machine my mother bought for me as a present for moving out of the house. Therefore I feel like I have gotten just a bit more back that I have lost. Plus….mad, mad sewing skills!! My goal now is to use up all my fabric so that I have to buy more! Well and to also come out of it with some cool clothes.

The notes are back from my editor for the comicbook, along with a suggestion for me to print it out. I have a lot of work ahead of me. All I can say is thank god for my editor else this comic would be illegible and….would soooo incredibly suck. Thank you! I will ascend into the fixing of the book tomorrow night.

It’s amazing the people I run into…and this time I mean it quite literally. He was coming around the corner as I was barrelling down the sidewalk. It was Scott. I will now insert a note to self. If I ever run into him again, I’m going to suggest we head over to the nearest coffee shop because we always end up talking for a bit. His having a girlfriend…and being sick has taken the edge off him and has made him easier to deal with. I may now consider going for coffee with him sometime.

So I believe that I will be actually ending my days of sleeping on a futon. It will happen in stages. First I will get a new mattress, then new boxspring, then frame. You’d think the boxspring would be the most expensive part. But I’m not sure. I want a decent frame and I am willing to pay the extra money to get it. It depends, if it is cheaper to get the mattress and boxspring as a set….well then obviously I will wait a bit longer (purchase a large eggshell foamy as an intermediary) and buy them at the same time, then save up for the frame in the future.I keep on ranting about the bed, but for one thing, my current bed is unacceptable. It really struck home when I was sitting in bed this morning only to find that it was like sitting on a stiff wooden chair.

Secondly, I feel that I am getting to a stage in my life where I want to have a nice bed that looks warm and welcoming rather than simply being there for me to sleep on it. It’s along the same lines as me wanting to get a real set cook and bake ware. I do a lot of cooking and baking and I’m coimg to realize the difference between using something I bought from the dollarstore and something of better quality. Working with better quality kitchenware entices me to do more baking and cooking, which in the end is better for me.

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This goes out to someone:
{Lyric Implant}

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Frustration draws me nearer

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Back to the drawing board as it were.
Better ideas, better stories.

But wait…did I also mention faster?
Yes, this has to be much faster than the last.
One month.
Let’s see if i can do it.
No choice really, I have to

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Because I have to get it out of my head somehow……

Lyric Implant

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