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Wires, Leather Awls and Guns Woo-Hoo!

By adminWednesday - May 31st, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

Today was fun with galvanized steel and wire-cutters as I hung my flower boxes on my balcony railing.

And now I will attempt leather-awl play (as opposed to gun play….although now that I mention gun….I do want to do a little dart practise)

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NRA? no! the NDGA

By adminMonday - May 29th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

So after living alone I finally did it.
I bought a gun.
It was necessary.
And what’s best of all?
It comes with six safety darts.
It’s a dart gun…..what kind of crazed lunatic do you take me for?
Okay, how about this one then, I know better than to arm myself with a gun.

Although for now this is a great toy for both me and the cats.

And in a bit I’m going to buy that potato gun I saw in the store.

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handcrafted leviathan

By adminSunday - May 28th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

And while I couldn’t get my hands on actual jogging fleece.
I got the next best thing.
And now two people I know are going to be blessed with Jester-hoodies ™.



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It’s raining cats and…..well, it’s raining cats for sure

By adminThursday - May 25th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

The rest of my day was relatively uneventful (aside from having to fix the sanitizer at work…not really a big deal as far as my day goes) until I got off work.
On getting home I was greeted by Mildew who started meowing incessantly at me. It was as if she was trying to tell me something, but I had things to get done so I changed into some random clothes and got some bottles ready for recycling. It was while I was changing that I realised what she was trying to tell me….Ramses hadn’t come to say hello to me. I did a search of my house. No Ramses. I popped out on my balcony. I noticed the Aquarium Guy’s balcony door was open so I peaked my head around and got one of his friend’s attention.
“Have you seen my cat anywhere?”
“Which one? The Egyptian one?”
“No I haven’t”
“If you see him can you let me know”
“Have you checked your apartment thoroughly?”
“I only did a quick search, but I’m going to do a more thorough search when I get back from the store”
So I went to the store, took back the recycling and when I got home I tore apart my apartment (lifting furniture, putting another rip in the jeans I was wearing). By this time I was getting hysterical, I popped back out on the balcony and got the guy’s attention again.
“He’s really missing”, I said hysterically ” I don’t know where he is, I have no idea. If you see him please let me know!”
“Do you think he could have jumped?”, The guy said as he peered out over the balcony.
“There’s no other answer unless someone broke into my apartment and stole him”, I said bitterly.
“He’s valuable isn’t he?”
“Only sentimentally, he’s mutated so he can’t breed”, I replied as I looked out over the parking lot with increasing worry, “Can you just keep an eye out and see if you see him”
“Yeah I can get Allan* to look for him as he comes home”
(*Allan being the Aquarium Guy’s actual name, but the name I will never call him by in my journal because that’s not how I know him)
“Thank you”, I said as I started welling up with tears.
With that I closed my balcony door leaving it open only a crack, then tore out of my house in search for my lost kitty.
I started with the area where my door is, checked the courtyard and then went down the front stairs. Didn’t see him. Went out the front of my building calling his name, getting more and more frantic. I then went up Watson until I got to the alley behind my building. All the while calling his name. Then I started checking the grass area between my building and the green and white building, calling his name.
It was then that on the other side of my car, near the building itself I saw a huddled mass meowing angrily. It was Ramses! Each time I called his name he meowed back, his voice full of rage. I crouched down and slowly approached him, calling his name putting my hand out so he could sniff it. He wanted nothing to do with me and continued to meow at me. As I got closer to him he ran toward the building. Figuring I could perhaps corner him into the doorway I moved back and tried circling in slowly. That was when he ran under the car. That was also the same time that the homeless drunk guy approached me.
I looked up at the drunkard.
“I’ll help you lil lady”,he slurred.
He took a chug out of his beer can, put down his worldly possessions and staggered toward the car all the while saying,”here kitty, kitty!” as only a homeless drunk can.
It was then that Ramses, quite frightened by the loud drunk guy crawled up into the wheel well, beside the brake drum of the car.
“This was perfect”, I thought, “the drunk guy is scaring him away and right into my arms”
Well not exactly, more like further into the brake drum and the hollow front bumper of the car really. But that’s really neither here nor there. I carefully reached in and grabbed him, making sure to get a good grip on him and slowly lifted him out so as he wouldn’t be frightened and try to bite me. As angry as he was, I think he preferred me to the drunk guy and merely put up a bit of a struggle. It wasn’t until I got inside the building that he really decided he wanted down> I think that was because he felt safer inside but I’m really not sure.

So right now he has a bit of a limp (but I think it’s just a sprain because his legs feel fine and he lets me touch them without biting, scratching or anything) I’m just going to keep an eye on him for the next few days….and maybe give him a bath because he smells like car grease….If I can catch him…

Anyone want to help me bathe a cat?

(Note to self: Buy screen for bedroom window)

“I want to carry around a hat rack and call it the T.A.R.D.I.S.”

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My mantra for the next couple of weeks

By adminWednesday - May 24th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

What is the point?
I just don’t get it.
I should just forget it.
And move on.

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Babies and razor blades

By adminTuesday - May 23rd, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

Two more things:

1. Just because I’ve already known the joy of childbirth it doesn’t mean I’m shut down for the rest of my life. If the right person comes along and everything is right, then I want to be able to make the decision and have another child. I’m not saying that I’m all over having more babies. But I am by no means willing to close the door on the matter either. Although I guess what it is, is that all people are going to see when they look at me and my life is, “God, why the hell would you want more kids?”
What if I said it was that if the right person came along and we agreed, then maybe, just maybe I’d get a chance to know what it’s like to have a normal pregnancy with a loving, supportive spouse. If that never happens, then that’s just the way my life went. But I just want the possibility.

2. the aquarium guy just asked if I had any razor blades kicking around my place. Sigh, if you are going to go through all the trouble to do drugs….at least afford the paraphenialia, if you can’t even afford that? Then you don’t deserve the drugs. (note to self: search for some old rusty razors incase there is a next time)

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By adminTuesday - May 23rd, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

Today Mildew decided it was a good idea to jump up on top of the curtain rod in my livingroom. Then she got stuck. I got to play rescue squad and attempted to get her down without brining down the whole curtain.

I’m attempting to clean my house today…it’s been really pissing me off but I haven’t been doing anything about it. Not enough anyway. I wish I could just wave a magic wand and make it all spotless, but instead I have to build up my energy and guilt until it explodes in the form of cleaning up the house.
One of the things that bothers me is that I want to get rid of stuff I’m not using. Right now there are three boxes sitting in my house full of comics. I’m in a quandry as to what to do with them. If shipping them COD didn’t cost me money that I’d never see I’d simply do that. Maybe that’s what I’m going to have to do. Simply add on to the amount of money that he owes me and cut my losses, as if I could afford them (over $3,000 so far that I know of) so I can be rid of everything. Great. Now that I’ve made that decision. Anyone want to give me a lift to the Greyhound station?

Some guys just got together and started randomly singing the National anthem in the back alley……welcome to my neighbourhood.

And now, and now I am preparing for the mother of all washloads…we’re talking a triple loader and two double loaders. Oh yeah…..I’m doing aaaalllllllll the bedding, blankets and pillows too (but not the large pillow form….that would just be too much) everything clean. That’s that.

The laundry marathon is now in full swing. on my way back I checked my mailbox. I have a parcel!!! Yay!!! It was small enough to fit in the box so now once I’m done laundry I have something to look forward to!

Four hours is way too long to spend doing laundry. I haven’t put it away yet either. I don’t think I’m going to do that for a bit. I need a break. Sorry to those of you who attempted to contact me during that time.

On that happy note I think I will shove my laundry into my room and settle into some reading or something.


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The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul

By adminSaturday - May 20th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

So I’m back online….kind of.
After accidentally deleting all of my important settings like trillian and what not.
(This was after I thought I had everything backed up)
I had to hunt and search for everything.
But here I am.

At any rate.
The rest of the night was….
What it was.
I will look at it and analyze it.
Then forget it and move on.

As always.

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Enforced hiatus

By adminFriday - May 19th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

I’m going to burn two DVDs then onto reformatting my computer.
I don’t know how long it’s going to take to get my computer back up and online afterwards.
So until then everyone will have to keep in touch with me via phone or email.

Me and the reformatting have a tendency to be kind of tricky so i’m kind of worried at this point.
Worried that I forgot to save something (even though I backed up everything on an ext. HD that was loaned to me).
Worried that I didn’t get the right settings for things written down so I won’t be able to go online…

So wish me luck and I’ll talk to everyone whenever I can.

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Delving into broken pieces and all that remain

By adminWednesday - May 17th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

I’m looking at big things and I’m looking at little things.
I’m going to delve deeper into certain things.

But most of all…..MY COMPUTER IS BROKEN!!!

Well not broken.
Just severely messed up.
(I got a call from the principal telling me my computer was not playing nicely with others on the internet playground)
Requiring me to buy a bunch of DVD-RWs, backing up all of my crap, reformatting and then re-installing everything.
God-damn it I’m annoyed and frustrated.
I’m currently watching a picture I wanted to scan in chugging away for the past ten minutes waiting to import it’s way into Photoshop (which I had to re-install because it wouldn’t let me run it)

Well…if the picture ever scans in I’m going to post it.

Unless I smash my computer first.

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