Delving into broken pieces and all that remain

Delving into broken pieces and all that remain

By adminWednesday - May 17th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

I’m looking at big things and I’m looking at little things.
I’m going to delve deeper into certain things.

But most of all…..MY COMPUTER IS BROKEN!!!

Well not broken.
Just severely messed up.
(I got a call from the principal telling me my computer was not playing nicely with others on the internet playground)
Requiring me to buy a bunch of DVD-RWs, backing up all of my crap, reformatting and then re-installing everything.
God-damn it I’m annoyed and frustrated.
I’m currently watching a picture I wanted to scan in chugging away for the past ten minutes waiting to import it’s way into Photoshop (which I had to re-install because it wouldn’t let me run it)

Well…if the picture ever scans in I’m going to post it.

Unless I smash my computer first.