It’s raining cats and…..well, it’s raining cats for sure

It’s raining cats and…..well, it’s raining cats for sure

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The rest of my day was relatively uneventful (aside from having to fix the sanitizer at work…not really a big deal as far as my day goes) until I got off work.
On getting home I was greeted by Mildew who started meowing incessantly at me. It was as if she was trying to tell me something, but I had things to get done so I changed into some random clothes and got some bottles ready for recycling. It was while I was changing that I realised what she was trying to tell me….Ramses hadn’t come to say hello to me. I did a search of my house. No Ramses. I popped out on my balcony. I noticed the Aquarium Guy’s balcony door was open so I peaked my head around and got one of his friend’s attention.
“Have you seen my cat anywhere?”
“Which one? The Egyptian one?”
“No I haven’t”
“If you see him can you let me know”
“Have you checked your apartment thoroughly?”
“I only did a quick search, but I’m going to do a more thorough search when I get back from the store”
So I went to the store, took back the recycling and when I got home I tore apart my apartment (lifting furniture, putting another rip in the jeans I was wearing). By this time I was getting hysterical, I popped back out on the balcony and got the guy’s attention again.
“He’s really missing”, I said hysterically ” I don’t know where he is, I have no idea. If you see him please let me know!”
“Do you think he could have jumped?”, The guy said as he peered out over the balcony.
“There’s no other answer unless someone broke into my apartment and stole him”, I said bitterly.
“He’s valuable isn’t he?”
“Only sentimentally, he’s mutated so he can’t breed”, I replied as I looked out over the parking lot with increasing worry, “Can you just keep an eye out and see if you see him”
“Yeah I can get Allan* to look for him as he comes home”
(*Allan being the Aquarium Guy’s actual name, but the name I will never call him by in my journal because that’s not how I know him)
“Thank you”, I said as I started welling up with tears.
With that I closed my balcony door leaving it open only a crack, then tore out of my house in search for my lost kitty.
I started with the area where my door is, checked the courtyard and then went down the front stairs. Didn’t see him. Went out the front of my building calling his name, getting more and more frantic. I then went up Watson until I got to the alley behind my building. All the while calling his name. Then I started checking the grass area between my building and the green and white building, calling his name.
It was then that on the other side of my car, near the building itself I saw a huddled mass meowing angrily. It was Ramses! Each time I called his name he meowed back, his voice full of rage. I crouched down and slowly approached him, calling his name putting my hand out so he could sniff it. He wanted nothing to do with me and continued to meow at me. As I got closer to him he ran toward the building. Figuring I could perhaps corner him into the doorway I moved back and tried circling in slowly. That was when he ran under the car. That was also the same time that the homeless drunk guy approached me.
I looked up at the drunkard.
“I’ll help you lil lady”,he slurred.
He took a chug out of his beer can, put down his worldly possessions and staggered toward the car all the while saying,”here kitty, kitty!” as only a homeless drunk can.
It was then that Ramses, quite frightened by the loud drunk guy crawled up into the wheel well, beside the brake drum of the car.
“This was perfect”, I thought, “the drunk guy is scaring him away and right into my arms”
Well not exactly, more like further into the brake drum and the hollow front bumper of the car really. But that’s really neither here nor there. I carefully reached in and grabbed him, making sure to get a good grip on him and slowly lifted him out so as he wouldn’t be frightened and try to bite me. As angry as he was, I think he preferred me to the drunk guy and merely put up a bit of a struggle. It wasn’t until I got inside the building that he really decided he wanted down> I think that was because he felt safer inside but I’m really not sure.

So right now he has a bit of a limp (but I think it’s just a sprain because his legs feel fine and he lets me touch them without biting, scratching or anything) I’m just going to keep an eye on him for the next few days….and maybe give him a bath because he smells like car grease….If I can catch him…

Anyone want to help me bathe a cat?

(Note to self: Buy screen for bedroom window)

“I want to carry around a hat rack and call it the T.A.R.D.I.S.”