To the Moon!

To the Moon!

By adminSunday - May 7th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

There’s nothing like a good Tarot reading and a handful of vitamins to kick you in the pants.

1. I NEED to get back to work on the last stretch of the comic (get it all ready to go for when my editor returns from vacation). (This also means beating the crap out of my printer so that it prints more than just colour.)

2. I have decided that I have to go back to what my dad always told me, “Always practise, do at least one drawing a day”
This HAS to start happening again. Therefore I want to do a painting a day (which I hopefully will post in here as well)

3. I HAVE to finish cleaning my house, it’s not horrible right now, but I want it cleaner and more organised. This means making sure everything is so clean I can run my tongue along it (if I wanted to). I just want it clean and organised. As a side note to that, if anyone is still talking to Sam can we arrange something so that I can (by third party) give him his comics and all his fucking mail that keeps coming to my house (because he hasn’t done his taxes).