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Life’s minor accomplishments and a strange craving for doughnuts…….

By adminFriday - June 30th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

I have achieved ultimate geekdom!

I have finally downloaded the final episode I needed to complete my MST3K collection.

Fear me!

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Cybernetic Assistants & Human Editors

By adminFriday - June 30th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

A few things.
Broker than hell.
(Yes I will pay everyone I owe money to, that’s not even a question)
But I got a PDA.
It was decided that I simply needed to have something digital to record all my story ideas so that they wouldn’t get stuck on some note pad somewhere.
I am glad to have it.
It also has a drawing function on it.
I am happy.
But happy.
In other news the panels have been laid and now I just have to do the final lettering for the new format for the comic book.
(Finished by Friday night according to my PDA)
Then the only thing I’ll need is the cover and a working printer and I’m good to go.
Once I’m done the lettering I’ll give you guys more updates.

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Comics and PDAs, clearly they go hand in hand

By adminWednesday - June 28th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

The chore of beginning the lettering has now begun…along with some last minute picture editting too.
My deadline?
Thursday…or I don’t get to get help with it from my editor.
My mind is stunned with the thought of how to accomplish it.
I mean I know how but it’s the matter of fighting with the program to do it.
Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’tve been easier and faster to have done the whole thing traditionally with an old style paste up and layout by hand rather than computer.
Maybe that’s what I should experiment with when I do the next issue.
That’ll be a while as once this beast is laid to rest I’m going to be finishing the script for another story I’m hoping to collaborate on.
But I need stricter deadlines with myself.
I need to start saying no to friends and yes to later work nights.
It’s like I was saying to someone earlier tonight,”If it matters enough to me I’ll get it done”

It matters.

In other news:
I am currently looking into getting a PDA,
It sounds trendy, but I was talking it over with a friend and he thought it might help me.
Especially since my ideas seem to get trapped once they hit the paper.
The ones that seem to be my ideal are running for about $150 on Ebay.
But there is a psuedo one at The Source for $36.
I think the only thing it would really be able to do is take some short notes
But until I can afford the one that lets me draw, do sound recording and has wireless internet….
It may have to be the one I make do with.
I don’t know.
More research is in order.

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The Watchman

By adminSaturday - June 24th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

Today there will be no hissing or spitting.
Today there will be no fighting over territory.
Today, things will just be.

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When your number is up

By adminThursday - June 22nd, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

Colin woke up and looked around. He was in a hospital room, or that’swhat it looked like. All the walls were white, there was a sterile cement floor, stark white curtains framing a window that looked out over…Where?
He slowly sat up. His head started to spin. As he put his hands to his head he noticed something on his left arm. In an effort to focus in on his arm he fell back on his pillow.
On the inside of his forearm was a tattoo containing a series of numbers, “45321198”
What did it mean?

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The home stretch

By adminWednesday - June 21st, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

In some ways I liken an editor to that of a birthing coach.
The artist (and I use that as a blanket term for one who creates) is strapped into stirrups while the editor is by their side screaming,”Push!!! Push!! Don’t forget to breathe!!!”
All the while the artist is screaming back at the editor, “You! You did this to me!! Don’t touch me!!!”

And somehow out of all this something beautiful is created….we hope.

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Procrastination — 5, Comic book — 0, Annoyed Editor — 1

By adminWednesday - June 21st, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

I found out today that the coconut syrup at work has glycerin in it.
The hard way.
My jaw muscles are still constricting, but I can talk clearly now.
As with some allergies of course it has to be a flavour I really love too.

So I have a second person who can now share my disdain for the stupid Chamber of Immolation.
Thank you for trying to help Eric (and for continuing to try?…….please?)

I’ve never had a game bother me so much as this one. It’s just soooo annoying and I can’t get past it. Grrrrrrr.


I got asked by my editor today why my comic is over a week overdue…..
There’s no good answer there.
On a brighter note…just a few more tweaks and shimmies and it’s good to show him.
Once it gets past him then the only thing I have to worry about is attempting to get black and white printing out on my computer…..either that or playing with the colour contrast so the computer prints out a fake black….damn it.
Let’s just finish it already.

*closes window and starts image cleaning*

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I don’t want no one to squeeze me

By adminSaturday - June 17th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

The shutting down of the survival instinct.
How does it happen?
How does one attain that moment where they can save themselves
But they don’t
Their life just ebbs from their bodies

The fact that this is so alien to me should say a lot

I thought I understood it
But that was before a lot of things happened
I’m not saying that those things taught me to love life
Because I don’t
I quite despise in actuality
But however much I hate it
It’s not going to end for me until it’s finished
And that’s that
I don’t get a say in it

[This bit of contemplation has been brought to you due to my procrastination and inability to focus in on one thing at a time…namely the comic]

Post Script: This little train of thought is what got me to finish doing the computer inking for the background for the last few panels of the comic. Don’t ask why. I don’t know.

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Turning on the determination in a detrimental way

By adminFriday - June 16th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

Only one last Mystery Science theatre episode left to get.
The KTMA episode The Last Chase (#20)

Feel my geekdom.

Working towards….

Towards everything.


I hope to show something for my efforts soon.


Straws the limits.

Limits worth grasping for.

Things will be better and will be of my own making.

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anything but work

By adminWednesday - June 14th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

Anything to procrastinate….
made some final adjustments to Eric’s present using my handy-dandy hammer…
made some progress on a painting I owe a dear friend
and now updating my livejournal…
Here I go.

Lyric Implant

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