I don’t want no one to squeeze me

I don’t want no one to squeeze me

By adminSaturday - June 17th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

The shutting down of the survival instinct.
How does it happen?
How does one attain that moment where they can save themselves
But they don’t
Their life just ebbs from their bodies

The fact that this is so alien to me should say a lot

I thought I understood it
But that was before a lot of things happened
I’m not saying that those things taught me to love life
Because I don’t
I quite despise in actuality
But however much I hate it
It’s not going to end for me until it’s finished
And that’s that
I don’t get a say in it

[This bit of contemplation has been brought to you due to my procrastination and inability to focus in on one thing at a time…namely the comic]

Post Script: This little train of thought is what got me to finish doing the computer inking for the background for the last few panels of the comic. Don’t ask why. I don’t know.