Same ninja time, same ninja channel

Same ninja time, same ninja channel

By adminFriday - June 9th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

I was on the way home today when I decided to stop off at RX Comics to pick up the coveted copy of Next Wave.
It was a necessary purchase.
As I walked in the door I was approached by a young lady who proceeded to talk to me about women and comics and how hard it is to find other women who are interested in comics.
I talked a bit with her about how I got interested in comics.
While I was talking with her I came across a book, “The Best of Wizard Basic Training, How to Draw: Storytelling
I agonised over it.
How badly did I need it?
I read it over.
I went over to Pulp Fiction to look at other books, but it plagued me.
I went back to the store and purchased it, informing the storekeeper that I needed it so I could finish my comic book.
At which point he told me to bring it in when I was finished so he could try to sell it.
I told him that I just needed to finish it and that I need people to ride my ass about it so I can get it done.
He promised me that the next time I came into the store he’d ask me where his comic book was.

No pressure what so ever.

Therefore I hope to be finished by the end of next week.

I need to be finished it by the end of next week.