Sprouting leaves and flying

Sprouting leaves and flying

By adminTuesday - June 6th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

Sometimes all it takes is for the right conversation to happen.
For everything to align itself just right.
but today I was sparked.
My biggest thing now is to finish what I’ve started and then move on to the next project which, as long as everything goes just right, will be terrific!
It’s like someone is always telling me, you can always find excuses not to do things…but it is considerably rare to find excuses to get things done.
I now have an excuse…a reason.
Because I have way more cool stuff to do!
This entry has been entirely comic-based.
But that’s the way it should be shouldn’t it?
Well it could be better, I could be telling you all about all the comics I’ve been pumping out.
But I haven’t.
I’m still working on the same one.
And it has to be done.


{a sketch drawn by the seawall}

Oh yes, and one other thing, I’ve decided to start yet another journal, this one is a working one though.
It’s basically going to contain all of my memories, going back over my whole life.
Including those moments where I’ve imagined things to be real, or have had misperceptions about.
Basically it’s going to be my memoirs, however they may be out of order as I’m going to add memories as I remember them.
Once it’s finished (as in caught up to the current year) I’m going to put it to paper, as a comic.
Here’s the link: