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Courage for Clinton

By adminSunday - July 30th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

A man gave me a little courage yesterday…..I considered wearing it on my sleeve but I thought that would be too cliched (it was a tiny sticker with the word courage on it)

This morning I gat a sign that I did indeed need to go to Clinton. I woke up humming and hawing about the expense of going to Clinton so I figured I’d check my account to see where I was sitting at, and how much I’d have to juggle in order to go. So I called my bank and discovered that I had just recieved the exact amount of money it would take for me to be comfortable going to Clinton with. I had recieved money from the Government of Canada in the form of past and present GST credits. I fully realise that this is more than likely a mistake that I’m going to pay sorely for later, however for now I’m electing to simply take this as a short-term loan from the government and enjoy myself at Clinton without stressing out.

And in other news, finished outline for the first issue of the new comic.

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Path of Crone (cross-posted in automatic writer)

By adminSunday - July 30th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

Followed by heart’s desire, her environment changed
She had awakened
She let her ego and self-centeredness drift away to the far reaches of her past
She was new to this world and she was frightened
The psychic barriers she put before herself created dishonesty within
It was unfair and her teacher was nowhere to be found
She merely wished for the chance to grow, to love and be loved
But what was necessary was for her first to care for and love herself
But for now she was full of despair and hopelessness

But soon…very soon she will be born again

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Just excess baggage on a late night freight

By adminFriday - July 28th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

I don’t expect to do much writing in here in the next little bit.
I have to hammer out the first draft of my script for the new book.
Plus I need to start getting ready for Clinton….and figuring out when my days off next week are.
If I had any idea it was going to be this difficult to take a vacation…
But right now, I can’t afford not to take a vacation.

Mood Music

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Will it never get here

By adminWednesday - July 26th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

This post won’t make sense…
I don’t really care.
All I know is….
There was never a day of import for me.
There is the recognition
And will come the acceptance that that day will never come.
It was never meant to.
The sooner I accept it…
The better.

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Killing brain stem cells one Schwarzenegger at a time

By adminTuesday - July 25th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

People have been telling me I’ve dropped off the face of the Earth again…
I say, “No, I haven’t. I’ve been plastered to my apartment by this blistering heat”
I’d love to tell everyone about all the great things I’ve accomplished this week…..but I’d be lying.
It’s simply been too hot for me to do anything but sleep my life away.
This is why I left the valley.

I’m listening to a song and I can’t help but think about a friend of mine…
This is his birthday
This is his song:
Lyric Implant

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And on the eighth day, she rested….

By adminThursday - July 20th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

Today I’m going to see how much I can not do.
The less I accomplish today, the happier I’ll be.
Although organizing my Doctor Who collection is something I will accomplish, if for no other reason than to free up room on my computer for….more Doctor Who. I have almost all of the first season of the original episodes. I am currently compiling and burning to cd, after ensuring that the file names are correct. (hooray for OCD!!)

Everytime I do a still life from my head it always seems to come out something like this:

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Call displaying logical trainwreck of a misunderstood piece of work

By adminThursday - July 20th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

I reeeeally need to get a cordless phone….with call display….ASAP..(Friday just doesn’t come fast enough)
Plus, I really need to put some people on MSN on ignoe when they decide to message me in the middle of the night.
Two people.
Both crazy.
One I never want to speak to.
The other?
Well….he’s kind of like living out some William Gibson novel or something (not that I’ve read any of his stuff, but it’s always what I wind up picturing as he’s talking to me)
I’ll put it this way, I don’t always understand what he’s talking about or his train of logic.
Although I think most of the time when he talks to me his train has been derailed.


Bigger fish to fry.

Comic books to edit/script/draw/publish/distribute. Wheeeeeha!
Behind schedule.





In the meantime…one of my less gorgeous pieces.

They all can’t be gems…..or understandable….:

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The dissodent is here tonight and the discontent lurks in the shadows around the corner

By adminSunday - July 16th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

I have been told much to my delight that there are plans to have the cover finished this week…that’ll be a week before the absolute dealine.
This makes me very happy.
The idea of the possiblity of going to print before the end of the month is exciting for me.
Sadly I think it’s mostly because then I can start other projects.
Not that I don’t have more story…but I feel the project has gone stale.
Nevermind that I have shiny new projects that are dangling infront of me and actually challenging me.
I think what will happen is that I’ll come back to it after.
Just cycling through the projects…
Although to be fair one of the projects merely involves me as a script writer which means that I won’t have to put as much into it as I did Isaac & Lee, I mean I know how I want the book to look like, however I won’t be the one drawing it.
While my other project involves an adaptation of a book.
But wait…you want names don’t you?
Sorry none yet…
Not until the scripts are done. (the deadline for the first script is August 4th)


And on a personal note?
My personal notes are best left tucked away inside myself for now.
Although….I need a new cordless phone.

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Pieces of Oblivion

By adminFriday - July 14th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

As for artwork?
I just came across a bunch of old mat boards….
So I have a change of plan.
I will now attempt to fill them all.
All doodle-paintings.
As many as I can as fast as I can.
All this and a comic too.

Here’s the first one:

It’s a doodle….what can I say?

P.S. I’m very tired and …well yeah. It’s been a busy day.

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Today is a day of accomplishments

By adminThursday - July 13th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

I have finished a gift for a friend.
You may pick it up at your leisure.
Sorry about the wait.

And now?

Onto to more projects.
Fast artwork and maybe….
maybe some one page strips?
We’ll see….

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