Genocide and Pornography….what a day!

Genocide and Pornography….what a day!

By adminTuesday - July 4th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

Today I embarked on genocide.
An ethnic cleansing.
They had their own way of life, their own society.
I didn’t care.
It was a matter of territory.
The territory was mine and they had no right coming here.
I slaughtered wave after wave of them.
Whistling a jaunty tune the whole time.
Crushing their souls with the bottom of my shoe.
And when that wasn’t enough,
I resorted to biological warfare.
Designed to kill them and leave the survivors plague dolls.
Where they’d take their black death home and kill the rest of them.
I killed them.
I killed them all.
Without any remorse.
Without any pity.
But with a can of RAID.


So my Dad gave his permission for me to turn one of his books into a comic. However he had a stipulation, here’s the email:


Here’s the Watchman Book.

I took the trouble of putting it in a zipped tarball. I’m sure that if you yourself don’t know how to handle it, you at least know someone else who can.

Some of the formatting has gone all to heck, but I expect you can make it out.

Another ting, you should be assured that you can take the characters and plot and do all kinds of things with them without much fear of your Dad bringing a lawsuit against you. 🙂

I’d sort of prefer if it didn’t get turned into pornography; if that gets to be too much of a limitation on you, consult with me, and we’ll see. I still won’t bring a lawsuit against you, maybe just frown a bit.

Have fun.


I love my dad but sometimes he’s just strange.