A day in the life of a diseased comic creator

A day in the life of a diseased comic creator

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Note to self never talk to printers without having had a cup of coffee. My head is too muddled.

Oh no. Wait. I’m not tired….it’s the plague. I’m feverish and feeling delusional. Definitely plague. Time to go out to get drugs and vital liquids.


The Shopper’s Drug Mart at Kingsgate Mall has moved locations, it has been updated and I think it’s actually larger than it was in it’s old location. The layout for the store is….well….odd. Upon entering the store I’m bombarded by books and makeup, there is no gradual entry to the store, the merchandise is just right there which I don’t think is such a good idea to have in a mall that has a lot of shoplifting going on. The whole store is a maze needless to say. So I found myself looking up at the signs for the various isles to attempt to locate cold remedies. Before coming upon my isle I chanced upon a most bizarre and embarrassing isle name: incontinence
All I can think to myself in response to this is that if they have an incontinence isle then they should have a boils and gaping wounds isle or what about a plague and pestilence isle?


BETH: Hello?
KEVIN: Are you going to show up for your shift today?
BETH: Uh what shift? I’m on vacation until the 18th?
KEVIN: You are scheduled to close today.


speaking to printers all day on the phone. In the middle of talking to them I come to the realisation that I have four extra pages that I still have to fill! Well I can take one down…but in the end I still have three pages that need filler!!! And my print date is Friday. GAH!! Although….Although….heh heh heh…. Throw in some of my concept sketches and then a plug for the new comic (please don’t kill me Eric) Whaahahaha!


After all the phoning I have settled on who I am going with for a printer. The print run is going to be extremely small as I’m not expecting a warm reception, only 50 issues to start. As I said before, this was merely my way of dipping my toe in the water. It is the next book and the third book that I really want to shine with.

And with that, I am off to write.