Editors, Printers and comics Oh My!!!

Editors, Printers and comics Oh My!!!

By adminThursday - August 17th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

Imagine your editor asking you where the artwork is for his book.
Now imagine your editor is your father.
This is why I’m totally in favour of parents as editors, not only can they use all the normal editor tricks, they can use all their parental guilt skills as well.
My dad asked for his map yesterday.
I don’t know which was worse the fact that it took me so long to do (waaaaaaay to long) or that I ended up starting over from scratch and completed the thing in a day.

This leads me to my next conundrum, I don’t think I challenge myself enough as an artist. It’s been too long since I’ve really struggled to draw/paint something and to get it perfect. I’ve always just slammed things together. I mean I’ve had a few paintings that have taken a while….but they didn’t take time do to my trying to get them perfect, they took time because I simply had a million projects on the go at once. The question I come to is this one, what would challenge me? What would push me to really produce something above my usual work? Hmmmmm……

So, finances and time allowing, tomorrow is the big day. Tomorrow the comic book goes to the printer. I should be more excited than I am but right now I’m just relieved. It’s done. I feel like it was a boulder, something in the way. Once the book is printed I’ll have published something myself and I can move on. It’s a weird feeling.

Now that I’ve established a work schedule and I’ve got an artist on board, I’m feeling like things are really coming together. Success isn’t the issue, it’s the getting things produced and out there for the public to at least have the opportunity to view them. There is also the fact that there are quite a few lines to be put out. One of them being a limited series. The schedule is as follows: Isaac and Lee printed and distributed, Next project: finishing script and then while the artist is working on the book I work on the other script which I’ll be doing the artwork for myself while at the same time I work on the second issue of Isaac and Lee, meanwhile, once the artist is halfway to 2/3 done the project I will start working on the script for the next book. So if it sounds like I’m going to be busy…..you are right.