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A man behind bars, an Alcatraz of his own making

By adminFriday - September 29th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

The worst cages are the ones man sets up for himself.
Someone can tell him that he is a prisoner, but as long as he is free in his own mind the physical prison means nothing.
A man who has imprisoned himself.
Imprisoned himself within his own mind…
There is the man to be pitied.

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By adminWednesday - September 27th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

Not trying to step on toes.
Merely trying to keep my head above water.
Holding on and hoping for….
Well, something a little better than hell.

Funny how a cigar can merely be a cigar and yet people choose to see it as an elephant.

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By adminMonday - September 25th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

So my Starbucks work schedule for the week is as follows:

Tuesday 12:30p-8:30p
Wednesday 12:30p-8:30p
Thursday off
Friday off
Saturday 5:45a-1:45a
Sunday 5:45a-1:45a

then melt into puddle of goo.

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By adminMonday - September 25th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

Woo me.

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Then I woke up but the pillow was still there

By adminSunday - September 24th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

I sold another one.
I’m beginning to feel like one of those bootleggers, the ones where you go down this dark alley, turn a corner, walk down until you come to a black door, knock three times and when someone answers you tell them that “Charlotte” sent you.
I feel this way because the people who have bought my book (aside from one of my friends) were all regulars at my work.
Yes, I will stop telling people each time a sell a comic when it becomes a regular thing and I end up selling more than twenty.
Until then, I am John Grisham damn it!

The cheque has been sent off, so now, barring the tables being sold out, I am signed up for the Canzine convention that’s happening next month. I’ll have a table at the show which means that I am going to have to get a display set up. I mean, I could just plunk down my comic and sit in my chair staring down customers, but somehow I think it would be better if I actually attempted an eye catching display. Do you think they have books for that in the library?

One of the pictures I drew for my father….the infamous map, is going to be looked at by an editor friend of my Dad’s.
Like he said it may not come to much, but it does mean it’s out there.
It’s strange that I never really counted any of the pictures that got published as an accompanying piece to my Dad’s articles.
Maybe it’s time I should.

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Fuel my will to get things done

By adminThursday - September 21st, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

I am having an off-day.
After three years, my computer has decided to start acting funny, as in deciding for itself that when I say restart I actually mean turn off and not turn on again until the right amount of swearing and manual resetting has occurred.
I spilled part of my lunch on my pants, the other part of my lunch got attacked in a mad feline frenzy and ended up flying across the room.
I had marvelous plans to do things today but now I have to calm myself down and then take a look at what is realistic for me to accomplish today.
Something relaxing.
Grounding, centering, getting ready.
Ah yes.

Doctor Who…….

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Don’t let yourself….

By adminThursday - September 21st, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

Somethings never change
Somethings I really have to get over because they don’t change and are to be expected.
The past is long gone.
Thank god.
Still the idea of putting a cigarette out in someone’s face really appeals to me.
Right…calm the fuck down then go to bed.
doing that now sarge.

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Someone buys a copy and I feel like I’m Ernest Hemmingway

By adminMonday - September 18th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

Thank god for regular customers.
The boys were in today grabbing their regular coffees and I happened to be just going on my break so I brought out my comic book because I promised them they could read it when I was finished.
One guy was genuinely happy for me.
His friend said that he thought he’d seen a couple of guys walking around town who looked like this, one of the characters reminded him of an old friend of his and finally, he really enjoyed a lot of the dialog. Suffice to say he said as soon as he gets some spare change he’s going to buy a copy.

Of course he asked the same question everyone else did…. is there a sequel?

No pressure.

None at all.

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By adminSunday - September 17th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

Retarded, yes.

Pessimistic, cynical and realistic as well.

Life goes on.

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Sometime in someone’s place

By adminFriday - September 15th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

The time will come very soon.
And you will no longer have to live like this.

About me?
This hasn’t been about me for quite some time now.

Time for me to return to my role.

Thank you and good night.

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