1, 2, 3….organising thoughts

1, 2, 3….organising thoughts

By adminSaturday - September 9th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

One reason to fear my tenure at Starbucks:

Double-shot quad strength Gazebo pulled through my espresso machine.
So strong I think it’d make the Turks turn up their noses at it.

Meanwhile, trying to convert my Dad’s story into a viable comic book story. If you guys think that my comic tastes are antiquated….you should see my Dad. He read the first issue of X-Men when it came out. He grew up reading Spiderman from the get-go. He grew up in a world of tights and action. I am now charged with updating this model and making it viable for the 21st Century. I have to make him more human. Nowadays people are less willing to suspend their disbelief; although looking at runway models maybe it’s just a shift in what people are willing to look past. The characters need to be more developed. So much work to do.

I think I’ve spent enough time away from Isaac & Lee that I can go back to it again. Ironic that no one really knows how long I’ve spent away from it given it’s recent release, but it’s been a while, and I think I’m ready to get back to it. Kind of like an old friend. The scripts write themselves and the characters tend to do whatever the hell they want, meaning all I have to do is capture it down on paper, kind of like snap shots.

Having said all this some people (such as my artist/editor) maybe wondering where my priorities are and what I plan to be putting out next. First priority is the half-written script that is to be published on the web, next priority will be finishing the next Isaac & Lee script and finally, my dad’s script.