My crazy comic weekend

My crazy comic weekend

By adminSunday - October 22nd, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

This weekend.

This weekend started out with mad, mad collating, stapling and folding.
Then getting gussied up and going out to Comic Jam.
Nothing like a room of drunken comic book artists attempting to all tell a story.
It was good fun.
I met people and made contacts.

Today was the convention.
The tables lined the wall and were butted up against each other…..this means that in order to get out from behind the table one either had to bypass all the other vendors in order to get out ….or crawl underneath the table.
Knee pads next year…definitely knee pads.
Also many of us vendors got bored so I livened things up by cracking jokes and stuff.
I ended off by promising next year to bring a large soft ball for us to toss around (and Robin insisted that we also have a hacky sack as well)
I came up with a checklist for next year:
-knee pads
-hacky sack
-I/V drip

I made tons of contacts and traded zines with a few people as well as selling more than enough to cover the cost of my table!
A volunteer from the comicbook database was there and gave me the address to get my comicbook covers scanned and added to the database.
Also a girl from Emily Carr came by and wants to get my books for a zine preservation project which involves collecting zines from all over and putting them into a hard cover book.
We ended the night with Robin throwing a wadded up piece of paper to Colin who then broke his chair….sad thing being they wouldn’t even let him keep it as a trophy.
I met the former curator from Lucky Comics’ art gallery, (he’s a regular from work) talked to him, showed him a sample of my comics (he recognised Isaac and Lee right off the hop) and he said he’d put in a good word to both Gabe (owner of the store) and the new curator for me.
One of the people from Spartacus books told me to drop off some books with them.
The final coup de grace was having a vendor offer me her table at the November Comicon! FREE!! (as my way of saying thanks I gave her one of my books)

So now I have less than two weeks to get ready for another convention….GAH!!!!!
(I now only have five copies of Isaac and Lee left and only one copy of Forest Through the Trees left, so now I must make more)

I eat now because I’m starving…and then a celebratory drink.