Christmas Plans…Redux

Christmas Plans…Redux

By adminThursday - November 2nd, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

I really don’t know why I decided to cut this rant…but I did. That’s all.

I’m just going to start on a rant right now.
My Dad was in the emergency room in Saskatoon because his injured knee had swollen to that of twice it’s normal size.
Now, I’m no doctor but you’d think they’d give him something for the swelling right?
You know or at least recommend some Ibuprofen if they were going to prescribe anything like that….you’d think.
But they didn’t.
They gave him some Tylenol 3’s and sent him home.
Maybe it’s because my Dad is on a lot of medication….I don’t know….all I do know is that it seems like the hospital really dropped the ball.
Now the next thing is that when my Dad started hallucinating whenever he closed his eyes….that should have been an indication that maybe…just maybe he should go back to the hospital again…but then again I’m a crazy person with crazy thoughts…you know.
However it happened he didn’t go back into the hospital until Saturday night when he had a nosebleed that wouldn’t stop (my Dad has low platelet levels in his blood that gives him hemophiliac tendencies)
It was the end of the month and as per usual..the ER was swamped, my Dad stuck in a wheelchair for who knows how long, knee still swollen, now to the point however where he can’t quite get out of the chair and his nose is still bleeding.
When the doctor finally saw him they put him in a bed and cauterised his nose to stop the blood flow.
Tests came back with acute renal failure (broken kidneys) and apparently in addition to the inflammation in his knee there was some blood leakage into the knee (and considering that the bruise on his knee doubled in size to half a foot in circumference overnight this doesn’t surprise me)

my only thought is…anti-inflammatories? why weren’t there any?

oh yeah…and if anyone was wondering what I plan on doing for Christmas… can stop wondering.