I set my standards too high

I set my standards too high

By adminThursday - December 7th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

Someday I’ll meet someone who doesn’t/isn’t:

have a criminal record so long it’d wrap around the outside of a courthouse

use me as their blow up sex doll

secretly have a girlfriend(s) while they all but drag me off to bed

alcoholic/drug addict

try to kill me

afraid to tell anyone that we’re a couple

ashamed to have slept with me to the point of denying it ever happened

stalk me (and not in that cool,sexy way either)

fall in love with my best friend, trap me in the back seat of their car and take off on a 3 hour road trip while all I can do is watch helplessly as they paw at each other like wild animals (while driving down the road at 150km)

take everything I own

lie to me and think for one second they can get away with it

try to impregnate a criminal from New Mexico in order to give her the gift of motherhood she so desperately craves but then when it falls through consistently reminds me that he never got the chance to do it.

so far away that they may as well be on another planet

want to be with anyone else but me

Like the subject says, I set my standards waaaay too high. I’m going to be alone for a good long while.