My new simile, “So drunk that I’m wearing pink”

My new simile, “So drunk that I’m wearing pink”

By adminSunday - December 17th, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

Why don’t you think of yourself as a Spanish Conquistador? Or even as a wondrous Russian Magician who captivates everyone he meets, wooing women into bed with a simple half smile and a shy look. That man who can whisk a woman off her feet merely by being in the right time and the right place. Mesmerizing, enchanting….spellbinding….unable to break free of your charms…. The all mighty, the all powerful and yet you dismiss it with a wave of your hand. Sleight of hand and a twist of fate, bringing what you will into being.

A friend once told me that we all die alone in the end. But what if we’re making love to someone when we die. We’re in the act of completing a union of souls when poof! We’re gone. Wouldn’t that constitute as being with someone when they die?


(oh just wait, I’m sure there will be more drunken posting)