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By adminWednesday - January 31st, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

Stick a fork in me.

All announcements postponed until I fee like associating with society again.

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Give graciously to Beth’s Comic Book Infestation Device Fund

By adminWednesday - January 31st, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

My parents.
I love my parents.
They sent me all the money they could muster.
To help me get the large format printer.
Now, thanks to them I am almost half way there.
Only $294 left to go
On a brighter note that means that once I’m done with other expenses I should be able to finally purchase my printer in September.
Kind like a birthday present to myself I guess.
A birthday present that I get to use to infest the world with comics!
*evil laughter ensues*

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My shirt is too sexy for me…

By adminWednesday - January 31st, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

I feel unsexy.

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Work Posting….press release by end of week…..we’re hoping….

By adminTuesday - January 30th, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

I had to take a break from the image editing. Can only go so long staring at a computer screen. I look back and I shake my head, I think I should always keep in mind never leave it to be edited later!
And Wednesday…he promised me Wednesday…I will be able to post all my covers then including the newest project on Wednesday at Comicspace.

I have just posted my published comic covers on Myspace and have made an announcement.

All this and now I have to get to my other job….the fun never ends!

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The Big Finish, Elder Gods and Over-sized Printers

By adminMonday - January 29th, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

This afternoon I just finished the pencils for Guardian. I have already scanned in most of the story as it’s already been inked. I am hoping that in about a week I should be able to put Guardian to bed. Then, it’s off to the shops to flog it (as well as sending my father a copy).

In addition to this I also plan to send a query letter to 8th Street Books in Saskatoon to see if they want a couple of issues of Isaac and Lee (from a former resident).

Which, speaking of Saskatoon reminds me that I should send a copy of Isaac and Lee to Ken, as well as all of the scanning I have to do of my family photos for my parents.

But wait! I save the best news for last. The artist I’m collaborating with on one of the comics came through in a big way. He made the comic book cover. It was perfect. To the point where I will soon post the cover to advertise the book on….somewhere….when I figure out where I’m posting it I’ll let you all know….as well as announcing the name of the book and crediting my partner in crime..I mean collaborator on the book…aka the press release.

I would like to go to the March Comicon…however I think that I could put together something better if I waited until April. Especially since I want to have the new book make it’s debut at the convention, as well as merchandising….yes, you heard it here folks…. Isaac and Lee T-shirts. I want to get some screen-prints done. One of the picture called “Lee’s Revenge”, one with the logo, and one with Isaac that I like to call “Isaac’s Web”. I would like to do T-shirts….but that’s a pipe dream for now. Just having all of my books ready to go for the April show will be all I need right now.

I must now go and pray to the Elder Gods for a large format printer to fall out of the sky and land softly on my living room couch…….

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A Scanner Darkly

By adminSaturday - January 27th, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

So I got some help and my computer did not have to be reformatted. But it’s moments like that when you realise just how delicate your computer is. Lost files, lost information, lost work. So happy that wasn’t the case.

In other news I just ran out of paper in my sketch book (luckily I anticipated this and have already procured a new book). However, this means that I will be scanning in the artwork from the old book. Hooray! Scanning party. At the same time this means I’m going to be getting ready a photo album for my parents from the photos I have. Much scanning to be done.

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Please, try to tell me how Microsoft is a good thing?

By adminSaturday - January 27th, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

I was having problems with videos that had dual audio on my computer. So I figured I’d try updating my media players. Then I made the mistake of updating my Windows Media Player….
There is a good chance that I will now have to reformat my C drive because windows media player refuses to leave my computer. It is supposed to be a program put out by a computer company, it is not supposed to be malicious spyware that damages your computer. Needless to say, I am not amused. I’m also beginning to think that maybe my parents were right…..Ubutu…..maybe it’s the way to go after all…..
Please excuse me while I smash my computer into little tiny pieces.

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By adminTuesday - January 23rd, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

[Edit: Due to the lateness of the hour and my own vast laziness, all activities involving me and needles will be postponed until tomorrow]

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Hunting the elusive fibre fill pillow

By adminTuesday - January 23rd, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

Day two.
I’m feeling predatory.
Need to hunt something.
There will be a few things today on my list.
Once I finish dishes I have to have various needles poked into me…..and then the real fun begins!
I will hobble back to my house pack my bag and then head off on the long bus ride to Ikea.
Once I’ve gotten what I need/want from Ikea (I’ve narrowed it down to three distinct items…four if you count that one is a set of two)
Then home…and then?
Well….that is the best thing…. I’m going to go out with no rhyme or reason to myself….I’m just going to go….
And if anything interesting happens I’ll write about it.

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Beth’s shopping list

By adminMonday - January 22nd, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

So it is day one of my day off and I have realised my need for new pillows. Okay, you think…so what’s the big deal? No big deal really. I did some shopping online and came to the conclusion that the cheapest quality pillows would be had from Ikea.
Now most of us know what a trip to Ikea entails, so I figured I’d see if there was anything else I would like to pick up while I’m there. As per usual I am looking at bookcases. Not that I want to buy them while I’m there, but because I want to price out shelves because sometime down the line I want to put my printer/scanner on something other than a milk crate while at the same time creating more storage space for myself. Nevermind that if I put the printer on something higher up I won’t have to deal with Ramses attacking the printer as he sometimes does.
But I am getting off topic. Anyway, so I’m looking in the bookcases and storage section and I come across a picture of a line. It looks like a simple line and they are claiming that this line is worth $20. I’m thinking to myself that this line is probably just a small picture, or it’s a part of a larger set, anything like that. So I click on the picture to get a description and it brings up another picture of the line. That’s it. Just the line. Now I’m pretty sure that it’s a pole of some sort but really, just looking at it. I looks like they are trying to sell you a line for $20.
My shopping list so far contains pillows, book ends, storage jars, knives, steaming pitcher and some plates. I plan to keep it to that or even go so far as to not get everything on that list.


I came to the conclusion today that I generally write conversationally and therefore most of my writing is grammatically incorrect. If you want to blame anyone for that blame the English language for not having the same verbal rules as it does for it’s written grammar.

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