muchos gracious

muchos gracious

By adminFriday - January 5th, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

Have a little bit of time right now so I can attempt to update my journal.

I finally have three days off to get everything in order in my house…

Day one, laundry….not just laundry though. I finally have to get rid of my pants that are falling apart…..(far too many are doing that)

Which means I have to magically find a way to buy more pants. Now theoretically GST is supposed to be in on January 5th….now this is only assuming that I am getting GST after my most recent tax fiasco (which reminds me that I reeeeeally need to do my 2003 taxes).

The other part of this laundry thing involves me getting rid of the clothes that I simply no longer wear anymore. there are far too many of those as well.

Day two, deep cleaning bathroom and begin deep cleaning and organising my bedroom. the bathroom is not a problem as it is simply a matter of scrubbing everything down…of course then there’s the matter of organising everything underneath the sink and in the medicine cabinet.

My bedroom comes in four parts, the dresser, the altar, the closet and then the room proper….all needing to be organised.

Day three? The day of coma. Just let me sleep…it’s for the best really….unless you are Alyce and then we can go for tea…..heck we can go for tea on any of those days.

When I say organised… I mean I need to get rid of stuff. I’m feeling very bogged down by everything and in some ways I feel like I have all of these old ghosts residing in all the things I have….and I want to get rid of them. I’m just getting to that point where if I don’t absolutely love what’s in my house, I really don’t want it there. If it’s in my house I have to have a really good reason to keep it. A really good reason to keep it.

Finally, on the comic front. I have far too much to work on the different stories. The adaptation still has several panels to go before the inking is done and then I still have to clean the images and letter it. With the collaborated work I have finished what I can only call act 1. I told my artist that conventional comic size be damned. We’ll deal with whatever size it comes out as. It won’t be that bad as we are planning on releasing it on the web first anyway. Once I’m done that it’s back to Issac and Lee Issue #2.

With all that it is now time for bed….
more later perhaps.