The Big Finish, Elder Gods and Over-sized Printers

The Big Finish, Elder Gods and Over-sized Printers

By adminMonday - January 29th, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

This afternoon I just finished the pencils for Guardian. I have already scanned in most of the story as it’s already been inked. I am hoping that in about a week I should be able to put Guardian to bed. Then, it’s off to the shops to flog it (as well as sending my father a copy).

In addition to this I also plan to send a query letter to 8th Street Books in Saskatoon to see if they want a couple of issues of Isaac and Lee (from a former resident).

Which, speaking of Saskatoon reminds me that I should send a copy of Isaac and Lee to Ken, as well as all of the scanning I have to do of my family photos for my parents.

But wait! I save the best news for last. The artist I’m collaborating with on one of the comics came through in a big way. He made the comic book cover. It was perfect. To the point where I will soon post the cover to advertise the book on….somewhere….when I figure out where I’m posting it I’ll let you all know….as well as announcing the name of the book and crediting my partner in crime..I mean collaborator on the book…aka the press release.

I would like to go to the March Comicon…however I think that I could put together something better if I waited until April. Especially since I want to have the new book make it’s debut at the convention, as well as merchandising….yes, you heard it here folks…. Isaac and Lee T-shirts. I want to get some screen-prints done. One of the picture called “Lee’s Revenge”, one with the logo, and one with Isaac that I like to call “Isaac’s Web”. I would like to do T-shirts….but that’s a pipe dream for now. Just having all of my books ready to go for the April show will be all I need right now.

I must now go and pray to the Elder Gods for a large format printer to fall out of the sky and land softly on my living room couch…….