The Diary of a Comic Book Creator

The Diary of a Comic Book Creator

By adminTuesday - February 13th, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

1:58 AM February 12th 2007

I have an insane craving for Yam fries…I’m not really sure why.
Out of the corner of my eye I keep on seeing things, like the Sock Ninja moving around on my desk.
I may have spent too long in front of the computer without a break.

3:12 AM February 12th 2007

As I am taking out the garbage and getting some fresh air to clear my head, I look down at my feet and see that they are leaving a vapour trail of energy.
Clearly this is a sign that I am brimming with creative energy which must be put to use!

5:18 PM February 13th 2007

After taking a day off from making comics to enjoy them. I am now back at it….for a little while anyway. I’ve got a few hours until I am scheduled to leave. But I will keep plugging away. My brain is completely fuzzy right now….more coffee…right!