Books bring forth ideas

Books bring forth ideas

By adminWednesday - March 14th, 2007Categories: UncategorizedTags:

I pulled books off the shelves tonight….and not a small number.
And yet, it looks the same as always.
The ones that stayed are ones I either plan to reread or have promised myself that if I don’t attempt to read within the next couple of months, I will get rid of.
I still don’t like it.

An interesting note.
The people who used to write in livejournal.
The reasons I started this junk bucket in the first place.
Rarely if ever post anymore.
So busy with their lives I guess.
What does that say about me?
That I’m still here after all that time.
Still bitching about all the trivial little things in my trivial little life.

I’ve got more books to take off the shelves.

And some other things to make note of.