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Comics and Packing….still

By adminSunday - April 15th, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

So I just finished printing and collating the new comic.
When it was looked at by another person….they approved.
So now it is going to be turned loose on the public next Sunday at the con.
I think the comic looks great.
Now what will the rest of the public think of it?

You want me to talk to you about packing?
Well I’ve got the bathroom done (except for what I use regularly)
Now all that’s left is the bedroom (the dresser and book shelf) and the kitchen

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By adminSunday - April 15th, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

Remind me that when I’m done moving, publishing my newest comic book, going to meetings, baby showers, bridal showers and networking sessions, to feel depressed and lonely.
I’ll pencil it in somewhere between now and two weeks from Friday.
I am currently able to make half-formed thoughts and feelings right now…
That’s about it…

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By adminSaturday - April 14th, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

“If you can’t see how awesome I am then you can go fuck yourself.”

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Moving and Censorship

By adminTuesday - April 10th, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

Well let’s see here, I have two monitors, four keyboards, enough cable to wrap itself around the Earth at least three times, a sewing machine, a box of comics, a hallway full of books and magazines, a closet full of clothes….these are things that I have extra that I don’t use.
Then there is a list of things I have to get rid of, such as a desk a 21″ TV, a pine Ikea-style bookshelf, a microwave, a mini-food processor and various other random items.


And in other news I have found this journal to become a cess pool of niceities. Uncensored? Yeah if you don’t count the censoring that goes on before it leaves my head. The way it is right now, I get something I really want to write down to get off my chest and just post on Live Journal. Why? I just do, but then wait, I have to consider who’s reading this journal. Who could get hurt by what I say. Who doesn’t know what’s going on and to have them find out…be devastated by it….or whatever. I’ve got a fix for that either I turn a different journal into that with the express purpose that if you read it prepare to hurt or I simply inflict pain right here in my own journal. Not sure yet on that one. But now off to work….and pain.

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The Preparation

By adminSunday - April 8th, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

The Vancouver Comicon looms ever closer and my apartment currently looks like this:

I have two signs to make, reprints to make and a whole new comic to print out…plus move an apartment….all within the next two weeks. Oh, and did I mention that I also have a full time job to go to as well?

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Warning: Comic Zone

By adminMonday - April 2nd, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

Dear god, can someone please keep GURPS from spawning in my household?
Oh, and while you’re at it can you also stop The Predator VS (insert any hero you can think of hero) comics as well?

My house currently looks like a comic war zone as I go through the comics and assimilate them into my collection…yes, there will be another list up once I’m finished.

I also found some more modules..they seem to be spawning like coat hangers here as well.

(because apparently papers and books are good for lying on)

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