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High School, Flogging, Comics

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Today was high school reunion day on Facebook for me. My close friends from high school have varying feeling for me. This is mainly due to who my boyfriend was for the graduating year. I don’t know, apparently people don’t like it when someone’s boyfriend threatens to kill them and does horrible things to their friends….I don’t know why. (please note sarcasm)
Needless to say, any reunions are met with great stress and trepidation. However people are still reaching out.
I am happy.


Almost finished the next issue of Issac and Lee.
Here are a couple of my favourite panels so far:


High school friends want to see comics.
Must try to get books distributed through 8th Street Books.
Let round one of negotiations begin.

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Work List and Other Miscellaney

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It’s reasons like this that I fear the idea of going to a publishing company to publish my work:

Meanwhile things I need to do:

Finish Issac & Lee #2
Flog artist to get him to finish other comic book project
Do Research for further scripts
Script Guardian #2

So ends my work list for now.
The Comic Master Plan

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Strange Pictures…

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I’m not sure how this picture happened exactly….”

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Comic updates and other signs of life

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Dropped off The Guardian and Forest Through the Trees at RX Comics today, Aaron’s eyes twinkled a bit as he looked at it. He was also impressed by the colour cover and glossy paper. While I was there Don (Aaron’s associate) mentioned that he liked the cover for Forest Through the Trees. All this and I got paid for them up front this time. This is a good sign. Some day I will save up enough money to do a professional print run and on that day….the Earth will tremble.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how Mainstream comic book creators view Indy comic book creators. I’ve heard varying views from how we (the Indy creators) are on their own medium to how we are a bunch of kindergarten kids and fanboys/girls who’ve gotten together in their parents’ basement with their crayons and when they weren’t scrawling on walls they put together a book and now dare to ask for recognition for it.

The sad thing really is that both extremes are true. I’m not really sure where most of us lie. It’s hard because I know that while some Indy creators just throw books together on the fly…in an hour or so, some of us take up to a year to take our work to print. Some of us may be hobbyists but for others of us this is a second full time job. I know that is how it is for me. When I’m not at work slinging coffee, I’m at work on my next comic book project. It’s unfortunate that comics don’t pay the bills for me, but it doesn’t mean I’m a hobbyist either.

This is what I do.


Dear Ian,

I am not dead. Our timing just really sucks.

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Life without

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[warning: if you are a sensitive reader please don’t read the cuts instead goto this link: thank you very much and have a nice evening]

April 21 2007

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