High School, Flogging, Comics

High School, Flogging, Comics

By adminWednesday - May 23rd, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

Today was high school reunion day on Facebook for me. My close friends from high school have varying feeling for me. This is mainly due to who my boyfriend was for the graduating year. I don’t know, apparently people don’t like it when someone’s boyfriend threatens to kill them and does horrible things to their friends….I don’t know why. (please note sarcasm)
Needless to say, any reunions are met with great stress and trepidation. However people are still reaching out.
I am happy.


Almost finished the next issue of Issac and Lee.
Here are a couple of my favourite panels so far:


High school friends want to see comics.
Must try to get books distributed through 8th Street Books.
Let round one of negotiations begin.