Life without

Life without

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[warning: if you are a sensitive reader please don’t read the cuts instead goto this link: thank you very much and have a nice evening]

I woke up this morning to sun light streaming in through the windows of my new apartment.
Then I heard a dog barking. It revirbrated within the walls of the apartment. I think that the barking was coming from within the building. Amazing from a building that doesn’t allow pets.
I got up and put on my clothes. As I looked towards the balcony I yearned for a cup of coffee and a chair. A morning like this truly needs to be greeted and enjoyed.

The morning began at 6am. More moving, photocopying more issues of Isaac & Lee and then fleeing to the convention.
I’ve come to the realisation as to what kind of conventioneer I am. I am the one that starts all the trouble. Luckily for everyone there this time I was only armed with masking tape.
I can’t help it. I see the other creators sitting there, all with blank looks on their faces and I think to myself, “Do they ever look bored.”
Then I set about keeping people entertained.
The general complaint I found with the independent creators was that people just didn’t seem very interested in us. It was suggested that we needed to do something to bring people over to us. My thought was to get a Nerf gun and start pegging off people. But instead I was given a roll of masking tape and told that if I wanted to I could tape up the entire table. My mind went more 3 dimensional….I built a masking tape family and then proceeded to make a home video.
On the other hand, if you want to know how the convention went. I sold several copies of different books. Some to people I didn’t even know. Which is good.
I need to attend more of these things.

It’s the day before my dad’s birthday…I haven’t sent off his present yet. Won’t be able to until middle of May. Can’t send the kids’ things off yet either.
In other news, on the first day off I have, once we’re unpacked, I’m going to do a twenty-four hour comic book.

I wish it was a matter of simply saying that I am disappointed with work, or that I am disappointed with my relationships, but really, in the end, I believe I am actually disappointed with the situations that I’ve allowed myself to become a part of. I think that it’s far beyond time that I begin to think about the ends that I need to achieve.

We’ve technically got internet again, but I’m going to kill the battery on my cell phone first.
I am apparently a very bitter and angry person. I came to the realisation last night. After telling a severely depressed friend, not to worry, she’ll get her death wish eventually because we’ve all got to go sometime. She hinted that she wasn’t being treated like a girl friend. It was then that I truly resisted the urge to throttle her. Damn it I wish half the guys I was with treated me anywhere near as good. I do take responsibility for the fact that I have a tendency to like mysterious and complicated men. Unfortunately this also means that usually they are so mysterious that they don’t want to acknowledge that they even have a girlfriend. I will live for the day when I have someone in my life who is willing to express affection in front of any one of their friends. But wait, now you’re thinking that I’m subscribing to the mush channel, all snuggling! all the time!
There is a delicate balance that must be maintained. I can’t explain it, I just know when it’s there.

This is last of the segmented post.
This is the last of a lot of things.
I’m done with it all and am now going to go on a serious bullshit reduction diet.
If you’ve got crap…don’t give it to me.
Plant a fucking garden with it all.
Thank you I will rant more later.
Have a good night.