Work List and Other Miscellaney

Work List and Other Miscellaney

By adminFriday - May 18th, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

It’s reasons like this that I fear the idea of going to a publishing company to publish my work:

Meanwhile things I need to do:

Finish Issac & Lee #2
Flog artist to get him to finish other comic book project
Do Research for further scripts
Script Guardian #2

So ends my work list for now.
The middle two are the challenging parts.
I really want to make sure the project is finished for the big Comix & Stories convention coming up in August.
Basically, this means I need the camera ready artwork finished by July.
Once that is finished I can actually begin editing, inking and doing the final layout.
This as well as beginning the promotion work.
I want to be able to have a release party for it and will talk to Aaron to see if I can put it on at his store.
The release party would be the same night as Comic Jam, which would also be the night before the convention.
Or so the tentative plan would be…