Third Time’s a Charm

Third Time’s a Charm

By adminFriday - June 29th, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

I’m doing a quick post before I start work.

I’m feeling better than I did yesterday. (was sick)

Normally, I’d say I’m a jumble of mixed emotions. But I really am only feeling excited. I’m excited because Carol is coming down this summer for the PNE.
She told Darek’s dad that she’d never been on a rollercoaster before so then she got invited to the PNE.
This means that sometime this summer I’m going to be having a fourteen year old crashing at my place…yay?

The rest of my emotions are filled with apathy. That sounds a bit off because if it was true apathy I wouldn’t be driven to write about it. I guess the next best emotion would be disappointment. Somethings….some people…..