Work and Cleaning Day

Work and Cleaning Day

By adminFriday - June 1st, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

I am dismayed that my journal was not on the list of journals that got axed…even temporarily. I’m just not controveral enough I guess. (I will try again later)

Have to print off more comics. Tomorrow I plan to go around to all those places I had mentioned to drop them off. I also want to finish off the next issue of Isaac & Lee…then beg my cover artist to finish it off for me.

Before I go to drop off comics tomorrow. I must meet with someone in order to give him money for some very nice old occult books. He’s a dear man and I really miss his shop. Too little too late, but he is going on to better things and he still turns a great tale.

I need to have a nag button on behalf of my Dad. I really must get his cuneiforms done for him.

I have begun reclaiming my house…piece by piece. Soon it may actually look like a livable place! I just want to not have boxes everywhere is all. I want my house less cluttered and more homey. I hope to have this finished soon. Very soon.

“My truth is in the stars, yours is right here”