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By adminMonday - July 30th, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

It’s just after 5am and for lack of a better term I woke up on the Emo side of the bed. Of course I did, why else would I be writing in here? It sure as hell wraps up how I feel right now. Hating everyone with a firey passion, ripping their throats out with my teeth, all the while with a tear running down my cheek because they don’t love me anyway.

Did I mention that today is the beginning of day seven of my eight day work week? Throw in that I only had one day off before this and you are looking at one homicidal mama-jama.

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By adminSaturday - July 28th, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

This is all I have to ask.
When was the last time you took a day and walked around by yourself taking pictures?
When was the last time you went out to a coffee shop, sat down and wrote something?

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Comics, Bikes and Coffee

By adminFriday - July 27th, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

It’s done and printed!
Thanks to Eric plugging away like a mad inking demon, the second issue of Isaac & Lee is finally complete.
I printed it off and sent it in with the artist bio for the media packages that are being put together for Comix and Stories.

On my way home from Kinko’s I heard a loud bang come from my bike. You’d think I blew the tire right? Not these Kevlar babies…nope it was the lovely sound of two spokes breaking and the tire crumpling under the pressure. There are only two bicycle shops in town that can possibly fix my bike. It will be a long walk. As it will be for me on Sunday when I have to find a way over to Terminal & Begg to pull a shift there.

It’s too soon to say how things are at my new store. Everyone seems very nice and there’s a really good rhythym going on there which I really like. I also liked the idea that it only took me five minutes to bike to work when I was running late this morning. At a moderate walking pace, it takes me 11 minutes. This is definitely better.

I am currently on day three of a self-imposed-due-to-lack-of-hours eight day work week. I’m going from opens to closes and now I’m officially exhausted. I will now go off to bed.

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The State of the Beth

By adminSunday - July 22nd, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

I have to get a press kit together to send off by Monday afternoon. This is for the Comix and Stories convention the media kits are to be delivered to the press on August 5th.

In the press kit I have to have an artist’s bio. I suck at writing these by the way. Even if I only include my professional work, I got my first work published when I was….11? It was in an actual newspaper as a companion piece to one of my Dad’s articles.
I guess if I just start writing it out….it’ll come to me?
So I have to get that done…but wait! There’s more! I have to finish Dav’s costume so that she isn’t naked at Clinton. A coin halter top (which, at my work place, is getting rave reviews). This, I need to have finished by the end of the week.
Then, I have four different comics I’m working on at various stages of completion. Which I will be working on in between my half a week of opening shifts and the other half closing with split days off, not knowing when my next day off will be. Therefore next Sunday will be comotose day.
Vacation? I’ve heard of those….doesn’t it involve a padded room and straight jacket?

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Transfers, Comics and Cleaning House YAY!!!

By adminFriday - July 13th, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

My transfer is in and as of July 23rd I will now be working at the Robson Chapters SBux.

I will also be appearing at the Comix & Stories Convention on the 26th of August.

Not only that but I will also be at the September Comicon as well. WOOT!

This means that I have a lot of work to finish before August and a lot of bullying to do as well. (it’s for your own good Eric)

I must now wake up then see if I can get into the storage room to put my stuff away.

This is what happens when I doodle:

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Back to Work Back to Game

By adminMonday - July 2nd, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

I’m still fighting to get back into work mode after some time off.
I’m currently trying to emulate another person’s artwork. His style seemed so simple at first but when I actually sat down to draw it out…I realised just how complex it really is. Hooray! A challenge. What’s more of a challenge however is seeing if I can get it ready for the Convention in August…which I’m also going to have to book off.
I forgot to get down to Taz. This will merely mean a trek on Friday. Which I can incoroporate an entire outing around before Mage.
I am finally sitting down and reading the important parts of the Werewolf book. Then there will be the buying of things, which I’ve decided I will incorporate into game. It’ll be awesome!

Oh, and as a final side note. Just because I’m in an open relationship it doesn’t mean that I’m going to mess around with anyone who asks me.

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