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To all of those people who are part of a creative team

By adminWednesday - August 29th, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

Some people just don’t understand how easy they have it.
I hear some people complaining about how hard it is to ink/pencil/write a book.
Imagine now if you had to do all of those things and more?
Imagine if after you had your book put together you then had to go and print it out by yourself.
Imagine having to create a list of stores that you wanted to carry your book, along with an inventory list.
Imagine having to talk to each of these store and hammer out agreements with them.
Imagine making sure that you were going to as many conventions as possible and issuing press releases of you comics.
Also making sure all of your websites were up to date with progress on upcoming projects.
Is it hard?
Each individual section is hard….all of them put together?
They are hard but that is what I do.
I have my books out in shops and everything I did, I put out there by myself.
Just me.

[I will edit this to say that I do have friends who help me plug my books. No I didn’t forget about you guys, which is why the mention. Thank you and keep it up]

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C-Day or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Fans

By adminMonday - August 27th, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

“How many people do you know who aren’t afraid to tell it like it is graphically that haven’t been shot?”
(Then he looks like he’s going into his coat for something…perhaps a gun? Am I going to be Mark Chapmanned?)
“That tells me you do not.”
“No because anyone who would tell it like it is unknown, we don’t know them and by the time we get to know them they’ve been formulated out of saying any–”
“So you don’t know anyone?”

He then leaves, walks around for a bit and then returns to ask me,”Do you believe you go to a different realm of perception when you are drawing?”
“In some ways yes and in some ways no. When I am drawing I no longer perceive what is around me and I am in another plane of existence. However, at the same time when I look at the world when I am drawing I see it differently”
And with that he appeared satisfied and walked off.

The father picked up the issue of Forest Through the Trees, his eyes widened as he read it. His son *really* wanted the candy so he bought it. As he handed me the money he said to his son in a sardonic tone,”Maybe you’ll learn something from this”

All in all I made some money and people who are not my friends bought my book (as well as those of you whom I love dearly who did). A resounding success. Now for the next one.

Steven….wherever you are….THANKS FOR THE EXTRA FREE TABLE SPACE!!! 😉

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Yesterday’s Post…Today!

By adminSunday - August 26th, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

It is currently 1:45am and the cat has eaten half of my mojos (spicy fried potato wedges)
I am waiting for a phone call so I can go out and meet a friend.
I have to be up in a little over 6 hours.
In the past twelve hours I have:
– been inundated by zombies (thanks to the annual zombie walk) and having to cater to a vegan zombie (who looked like she was going to have an orgasm when I introduced her to our vegan friendly brownie

– chased a shoplifter down the middle of Robson street (not the sidewalk, the road) shouting,”Thank you for shoplifting at Starbucks please don’t come back again!” and then letting everyone know not to let him into their store

– almost had a partner beat up by some crazy guy trying to scam coffee off of us.

– someone’s bowel blow upl in our washroom

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Research and Butterflies

By adminSaturday - August 25th, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

So due to the closure of the VPL I am not able to have access to the things I’d like in order to accomplish this experiment and research. I would simply go out and buy a bunch of Manga, but it isn’t just about that. I also wanted to get some books out on Mangaka and their artistic process. I was told this would take a long time for me and I agree to some extent.
The important thing to recognise here is that I’m not looking to publish or make public any comics I create in this experiment. In fact, I expect that the comics I create from this experiment to fail. The point is to see why they fail. Is it the story or the way it’s told? The styles of storytelling are very different and I want to get an appreciation for their differences. I could just read about the theories, I’ve seen the books out there. But I feel I’d get more out of it if I just attempted to try to reproduce them. It’s the point of practicing various storytelling methods and I want to get my hands on some Manga as a reference point.

Meanwhile, tomorrow is the big day (Part one). I’ve got almost everything together. Just last minute things. Then I’m off to work. After work I may see if Shabusen is still open. I was invited to a pre-convention dinner but because I work so late I couldn’t make it. I was thinking that maybe if they are still there I may be able to catch the tail end of everything. Maybe down some Sake.
We’ll see. Otherwise it’ll be a matter of me trying to get to sleep as soon as possible so I can be up for 8am tomorrow morning. Set up for the convention starts at 9:30am and I want to hit up Bert’s for breakfast before I go to the Con.
The other thing is something to occupy me while I’m at the convention. I like the idea of working on my comics, however I can never really focus when I’m at these things, and I sure don’t want to be sitting there doing crossword puzzles either. This is why I think about bringing toys. Part of it is because they will attract attention to myself and provide enjoyment for the people who are nearby me (aka, the other poor creators who are stuck at their tables as well) I have an idea for this as well and it will be awesome!

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Continued Comic Theory and Proposed Experiment

By adminThursday - August 23rd, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

In keeping with my latest apparent theme I was on the Engine taking a few last looks around when I saw a thread about Manga: the new language of comics?
So of course I had to take a look.
One of the points that was made about Manga was that it was deceptively difficult to draw. The lines look simple, but in actuality, the smoothness and simplicity is actually very hard to achieve. I think this was one of the original reasons why I wasn’t a big fan of Manga in the first place. The style of most Manga is similar enough as to be called uniform. Now on further study I have seen that there are actually several different styles of Manga and different groups of Manga. I think what makes it do difficult to draw is that the style is so narrow and not a lot of people can draw in that style without a lot of work.
I think I would like to do an experiment after I’m finished the next issue of The Guardian. I think I will take a couple of stories that are told as Manga and translate it to a Western style comic. Then I’d like to take some Western comics and try to translate it to Manga (and when I say Manga I mean what I see as Manga). It’ll be interesting. I want to see how the storytelling methods are different and how a story can change depending on how it’s told. So, just because I don’t love Manga it doesn’t mean I won’t try to do a good job on it it just means that the comic may look like it was made by some freakish kindergarten kid.

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Comic Book Thesis

By adminWednesday - August 22nd, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

I have not been a big fan of Manga in the past, I often found it rather cliched and the art lacked something.
Recently, however, I’ve been thinking about exploring some of the books and truly giving them a chance.
First I’d heard Vikki raving about a bunch of anime she’d been watching and describing the story to me, well, it sounded kind of interesting and got me thinking about whether or not I was being fair to the genre.
What finally cemented my decision to do some research was ironically, the website Stupid Comics. I was on there pointing and laughing at the stupid comics when I came across a couple of instances of American adaptations of Manga and how bad they were. At the end they showed the original Manga it was derived from and it was always better. It appeared that something wasn’t quite translating over….but what? Now I want to look at these stories and find out what makes them work better as Manga as opposed to Western.
Once I look at them I can compare and contrast them. I don’t plan to draw Manga but getting a better understanding of it I think will help me expand as an artist.

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MST3K meets Stan Lee

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Man, This is one of tbe best sites ever:

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It’s Monday.
The first convention comes up on Sunday.
Everything is done, all that’s left now is the waiting.
In order to keep my mind busy I’ve started a sixteen page ashcan comic toying with a half-formed idea I had a while back.
I’ve all but stopped work on most of my projects, just to have a bit of a rest before the Con.
However, I think I’m just going to go back to work because I’m not getting rested.
I felt my table at the last convention was pretty lack-lustre and so this time I’ve pepped it up a bit in hopes of catching people’s attention.
Sadly, because that’s what it’s all about when you are a mini comic publisher.
You have to do something to bring in people to your table. Catch their eye and then hook them with your work. It’s the catching that’s the tricky part.
I’m also nervous because at the Con I’ll be debuting my newest book, Isaac & Lee #2.
I know. I know. I’m worrying too much about nothing.
The worst thing that could happen is that I accidentally sleep in and miss the Con altogether.
Because not going would be the worst thing.
Everything else?
Very, very small.

I really just need to relax is all.

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Trying to get my life out of neutral

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I hate/love it when people simply tell me the truth.
These people are good friends and worthy of smiting/a good hug.

I’ve already done one really scary thing in the past year…why not try another one?

Of course now I have an idea of an incredibly scary/not so scary plan….

We’ll see how that works out for us.

I’ll just remember this advice to myself…..

“You can procrastinate on laundry but you can never procrastinate on life”

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By adminSunday - August 12th, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

I’ll be as honest with you as you’ve been with me “friend”.

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