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The Elastic Band Homestead Theory

By adminThursday - October 25th, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

Why all the LJ cuts? Because, I don’t believe in that stupid private mode…I don’t often get a chance to go over it later so it’s as useless as tits on a rooster to me. I put them behind cuts because then you have to think for at least a fraction of a moment as to whether or not this post is really worth it or not. Plus, it serves as a warning, don’t read it if you are worried about what I might have to say to you. I’m courteous enough that way. (love me)
Incoherant ramblings not meant to be understood by anyone but me

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I am an island

By adminWednesday - October 24th, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

This post is for myself, a post based on feelings rather than intellectual thought.

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A short interlude

By adminTuesday - October 16th, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

I love the Onion for this reason:
href=””>Proposed (Classified) Bill Will Defend Against Flesh-Eating (Classified)

(However the code may not work so just go to the Onion and get a good chuckle)

(except for the one millionth time it auto-played on me.)

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