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And now for the film at 11…

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First, I highly recommend Gonzo Imperial Porter, not just because proceeds go to building a monument in the good Doctor’s name, but it’s a damn fine brew as well.

Second, and the reason why I’m drinking the brew in the first place, my comics and I might be part of a podcast. I thought the girl wanted the comics to advertise them on her podcast. But then when I dropped off copies for her. I discovered it was going to be an interview rather than an ad. Interviewed….hmmm….Now I have to think up thoughtful inspiring answers to why I did what I did with the comics. My answer to those questions? Remember that part of the Ghostbusters where they try to clear their minds in order to avoid their doom? Yeah…my answer is Ray’s answer, “It just popped in there”
Unfortunately, that answer is neither inspiring nor thoughtful.
Meh, maybe she’ll look at the comics and then discover that she really doesn’t want to do an interview with me for her podcast after all.

I just got a reply from the Edmonton Con, they are out of Artist Alley tables but I can buy a table for a low, low price of $75 dollars. Pretty affordable actually.

I just missed an msn message from Carol, who is currently doing the 30 hour famine at her school.
I need to find out when their Spring Breaks are…it’d be nice if they line up with the convention, then I could just take time off then, go to the convention and then visit them on the way back. That’s also providing that *their* Spring Breaks line up (as Jimmy is in Elementary school and Carol is in High School). Here’s hoping.

I have to get my taxes done. I really want to get them done on Tuesday, but I’ll have to see how I’m feeling. As long as I’m not dead I’ll consider myself well enough. I just reeeeeally need my tax assessment. Like, yesterday.

Having said all that I am going to go and fight with my spare key and the lock on my door…wd40….talc…something *has* to work….and hopefully I don’t break the key off in the door…wish me luck.

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Fear and Loathing on the Convention Trail

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Part 0 or 1.5 (whichever)
[as posted to Tumblr at 4:46pm this afternoon]

My cell phone ate my last post, which means a month later, I’ll end up with a random double post.
So I’ll just give a quick recap: This year I am going to try to attend three comic book conventions outside of Vancouver.
I’m sticking to Canada this year and only venturing as far as Manitoba. These would be the mid-sized cons.
Having said that, I got home last night to an email in box from everyone I contacted (which is nice because it means they are willing to look at my work) I’m pretty sure I got the table for the Manitoba convention. Calgary emailed me to let me know that I was on their wait list and that they’d contact me when a space becomes available. Edmonton was the most mysterious reply which simply said, “Have you got any samples of your work?”
In a worst case scenario I’m willing to go completely Guerilla-Bougie war tactic style and show up at the cons with a back pack full of comics for all of the good little boys and girls…for a price of course.
Of course this probably won’t be necessary, as of *course* I’ll be welcomed with open arms to the conventions.
Did I mention that Edmonton has *two* cons? One in April and one in November.
Yeah, people keep in mind that the Manitoba con isn’t until October. More time to fine tune things.
At anyrate, back to slinging coffee for me.

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Go To Sleep

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Two things ring through my head right now:

“You never gave me why should I?”

“These past five years were a mistake”

You don’t get the context because I’m busy…you just get those two quotes…by the same person.

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Groove is in the Heart

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I’m listening to music again. I mean, really hearing it.
It’s been too long since I felt the music.

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The person who’s let me down the most was myself.

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“You’re crazy to want this…even for a while”

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I think I want to swear off people…they are a health hazard.

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Strange to update this when I don’t even know if the one before it posted. Meh.
The best way to describe things right now is that euphoric feeling you get when you first remove a bandage and expose the freshly healed skin to air. I’m really happy,not only for myself but for most of my friends as well.
We all deserve it.
The only thing l could do to be happier is to a) clean up my house. and b) finish the image editting.
Finishing the comic is so much on my mind that I actually had a dream about the next issue of Isaac & Lee (I’m such a geek)
Got a lot on my brain I guess.

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