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Fear and Loathing on the Convention Trail

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The Trip to the Edmonton Collectible Toy & Comic Show

As I am sitting on the bus, waiting for it to pull out of the terminal I realise how unprepared I really was.

I’d taken a two hour nap because I was exhausted from working earlier that night. The flyers/postcards had been printed out, the printer ate two of them…there was no time to make more. No time….no time….as time crept away on me I began seeing what I would need to make do without. In a hazy fog I tried to think…what did I need to bring? I’m really hoping it’s all there because there’s no turning back. And now….I sleep.

We stopped off for a half hour refuelling break. I’d been sleeping so I was pretty much half asleep when we stopped so I didn’t realise that it was required for all of the passengers to leave the bus. Instead I get yelled at by the bus driver. Luckily he’s been replaced by hopefully a more pleasant one who doesn’t hate his job as much.

As we pull into Barrier I am amazed to see that after five years, there are still remnants of the fire that ravaged the area.

In other news I think the general consensus for today is rain/snow.

Little Fort the five minute stop where I tossed my cold coffee so I could refill it with….air?
Cafeteria coming soon to Little Fort!
Over an hour to the next stop. Fuck.

Blue River? Blue Creek? Whatever…but apparently my barista skills come in handy as I get a handicapped lady one of the best cups of coffee she’s ever had.

In the middle of nowhere, just near the edge of a forest off the highway, there’s some sort of cemetery. It looks peaceful enough but still out of place.

Jasper, a 15 minute stop and there’s no way you’re getting me off this bus. It’s windy and not just cold, but *damn* cold. I’ll wait for Edson thanks.

Edson the last chance for food…food being one egg salad sandwich, one ham & cheese sandwich or dubious Chinese food.

We pull into Edmonton with little incident.

I flag a cab from the bus station, the cab driver seems nice enough, but new. Definitely new to the city and I’m busy trying to re-orient myself to a city I haven’t been to for about six years now so the cab ride is bad enough as it is. The ATM at the bus station was out of order so I also needed to hit a bank machine before getting to the place I was staying at. We pass by a few of those…but whatever. We get to where I’m staying and we still have to get to an ATM. Luckily there’s one just a half block away. I get the money, we go to the address. He “helps” unload my luggage from the trunk. I hear a thud I look up at him, his eyes are wide and he hustles back into the cab. I wander over to grab the suitcase and he takes off. My mug was in the front seat. As I take my suitcase to the curb I notice that the cab driver had snapped off one of the wheels off the bottom of the bag. I’m unimpressed, but I’m also tired as well.

I make a phone call to Amanda (Sam’s roommate) and she comes down to meet me.

(yes I’m aware of the green line..yes I don’t care)

I’m at the con now and there is plugin…but no one else is using power so….I’ll be doing this by phone only I guess…Probably some sort of restriction on using electricity…city by law or something like that. Oh never mind it totally *isn’t* a power outlet at all…I’m just hallucinating.

Meanwhile I think the Death Star is being erected behind me….No, it’s just a large shelf that causes everyone to think I’m part of their table. Sorry! No Millennium Falcons were enslaved at this table!

And we are now plummeted into darkness….Power loss? No..I guess they just cut the halogens and….now we’re ballroom style…dark and sexy lighting. About ten minutes later the lights return, go down again and finally, return to normal.

So very thirsty for cold bubbly and all I have is tea…..

After I’m done the con…my comics are going to Happy Harbour Comics here in Edmonton. Second city baby!

Yeah…the *other* reason to attend conventions….networking.

Boba Fet(sp) and a stormtrooper randomly pose for me. Showing off for the cute girl in the booth I guess.

I just traumatized a little old lady with one of my comics. It’s the one that did it to a small child last year as well….the cover is very misleading.

I’ve sold some books and my booth might be on T.V. (a local human interest piece involving an interview with a girl dressed as Red Sonja in front of my booth)

A vendor just gave me an issue of Amazing Spiderman #145….for free!

As we’re packing up I also end up inheriting a tabloid Conan comic by the same vendor…I personally think he just didn’t want to pack it up.

I pack quickly and hit the road…I mean snow…tobogan-like really.
But as I am leaving I am accosted by a Klingon and his children, who proceeds to have his son show me “his ridged forehead”, tell me about his daughter, “Jadzia…That’s actually her name” and bemoan the fact that there is no Kligon word for “seed” I eventually escape and head for the bus stop.

I also bring back with me, a cold.

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Why I’m not very responsive right now (aside from impending comic convention in Edmonton)

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For the past couple of weeks my dad has been collapsing.
Finally, he collapses at a bus stop.
My mom had given my dad a cell phone, so my dad calls my mom and asks if this is serious enough for him to go to a hospital.
He ends up in the hospital.
His knee was damaged in his fall, and because he has Lupus, swelled to twice it’s size.
He is currently in the hospital now getting medication to try to regulate his heart.
He hasn’t improved as of yet.

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The Countdown Begins

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In a week’s time I’m going to be on a 15hour bus trip to Edmonton for the convention.
I’m going to look at this as a warm up for the Manitoba convention, which, ironically looks like it might be even bigger than the Edmonton one.
But that’s a long way off. Right now I have T-Shirts to create/destroy, banners to make, comics to print, things to photocopy (the second issue of Isaac & Lee simply uses up a s*#t load of ink) and then I need to decide on packages and freebies. I want a lot of goodies for the table. People need to be inticed. I’ve got damn good books and people need to see them damn it!
That and I have to plan for the bus trip. Sandman and a few other books are *definitely* coming with me. Plus I need to make sure this phone is good and charged before I leave (and yes, I need to remember the charger)
Now the excitement begins.
The apartment is going to look even *more* like a print shop than it did last time as I am printing out more copies than last time.
Luckily only one person has to put up with me while I am in convention mode….
But for now, coffee calls!

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Dreaming Dead

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I don’t normally go around using this journal as a dream journal, however in this case I think some people might find this dream amusing:

I had a nightmare involving intelligent zombies. The only way you could tell they were zombies is that when they weren’t talking to you they would revert back to the way most zombies act. Apparently what had happened was that the virus or what ever makes a zombie a zombie had mutated. It was an evolutionary action so that they could better hunt their prey. I spent my time try to hide from them, but I couldn’t tell who was who and also the zombies kept creeping in to all of the hiding places in the building.

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A second visitation

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Tonight I was visited once more by the Godfather of Zines….Colin Upton. He asked me if I was able to make that last Comic Jam, I said that unfortunately I was not. He then asked me if I was going to be attending the next one. I told him that I was pretty sure that was the weekend that I was attending the Edmonton Comic Convention.
Brows furrowed… “Are they indy friendly out there?”
I hadn’t thought about it really. “They have 30 some odd tables for local artists…..”,I replied.
“Let me know how it goes”
“Oh, I will. I definitely will write you about it”

Does this mean I’m walking into a lion’s den?
I guess I’ll simply have to walk softly and carry a flamethrower.
I’m fully committed now.
Or I will be after this is all over.
Good Night.

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“Find someone…. ‘Cause sometimes I think you need someone to stop you”

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Dreamwork…no really…Dreamwork

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Do you want to talk about how dreams are about you working things out in your subconscious that you aren’t able to work out during your waking hours?
I dreamt that Barry and I re-established our relationship with appropriate boundaries and I forgave him for things he’d done in his past.
You can only hold onto things for so long I guess.

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“Did you trade a walk-on role in the war for a lead role in a cage?”

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