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Conventioneering and the Other

By adminMonday - September 8th, 2008Categories: Uncategorized

I’m noticing a change in people’s reactions to me at conventions, and in general from a comics perspective. When I first attended conventions, people looked over my work and I was putting myself out there. Now, there are colleagues who want to read my work to see what my style is like. There are people who are approaching me about submitting work to them and there are people who are “looking for my next book”

I’m not bragging about anything, I’m just trying to come to terms with everything and what it means for me.

In other news I am setting myself up to shmooze while at the Manitoba convention. Kurt! I want to be at your table! Not even really for fangirl reasons, but more to interact with others. Networking networking…oh wait…(note to self, business cards)

I know, this post gets to be completely disjointed. Everyone gets to deal with it.

On the personal side, everything is going well. At the end of the month, my son will be the proud new owner of a nintendo DS lite….with GUITAR HERO!!! Because his mother is awesome. As well as a comic book making kit. It’s just necessary. I need to find a way to go down to see them in October sometime…I’m just not sure when. Yes the logical thought would be for Thanksgiving but I will be coming back from the Manitoba convention then. Maybe at the end of October. Something like that. I’ll figure it out.

I guess that’s pretty much everything for now. Aside from the beginning of trying to integrate myself back into the social scene. I will be able to do it more after October, when there is only one job.

The other thing coming up is…the installation of the new HD. Unfortunately it means that I need to disconnect one of my DVD drives. Then normally there would be extensive organisation except that next month after the convention, I will be the proud owner of a new IMac. There will be a separate post about that however.

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