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Beth is not on medication at this time

By adminSaturday - October 18th, 2008Categories: Uncategorized

I just read over the risk assessment. I understand needing to face consequences for my actions. that’s fine…but some of the facts in there are twisted…for example, I’d like to know where they got that I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
The closest anyone has ever said to me was that I had tendencies towards bipolar, but that they may never fully develop. Of course the file that made it back to my doctor was that I was merely depressed. So I have no idea where this information came from.
Everything else has been blown waaaaay out of proportion, to the point of absurdity. For example, that prostitution thing? Considering I just celebrated 10 years of not having been on the streets this year…I think I have that prostitution thing licked. As for what repercussions it has on my life? It’s caused me to lose my faith in humanity as a whole and cause me to seek out purely monogamous relationships. It’s caused me to suspect people’s actual motivations. Beyond that…I don’t encourage that kind of lifestyle for either Carol or Jimmy.
Stress? You know what stress is? Stress happens when you start worrying about things that you can’t control in your life. Focus on the priorities first.
It’s like they have every excuse in the world to keep the kids out of my life. Including every way they can think of to guilt me into just giving up the care of my kids. What the hell is that?
So unimpressed. I get to chose between education for my kids or being able to live with them again. What the hell?
So angry and I really don’t want to talk to anyone.
It really sucks that I said I’d hang out with Nick tomorrow because I sure as hell don’t feel like being around people right now.

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