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Recreation of Events

By adminSaturday - August 4th, 2012Categories: Uncategorized

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A Morning Warm Up Sketch

By adminThursday - July 5th, 2012Categories: Uncategorized

A Morning Warm Up Sketch

My mind just started relaxing and then I started sketching and voila!

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Random Comic Gag Strip

By adminTuesday - July 3rd, 2012Categories: Uncategorized

I do random cartoons sometimes. I think I’m going to try to do more. They cheer me up a bit.

Also, click on the comic to read it as this page is not set up for webcomics.

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When I get bored…

By adminThursday - July 28th, 2011Categories: Uncategorized

This is what happens when I get stuck on what to work on. Apparently birds in fedoras smoking cigars?



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EC meets DC …

By adminWednesday - December 8th, 2010Categories: Uncategorized

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Korax is one bad mutha–

By adminThursday - December 2nd, 2010Categories: Uncategorized

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24 Hour Comic Challenge 2010 – Page The 2

By adminMonday - November 22nd, 2010Categories: Uncategorized

This would be the part of the story where I was stuck on how to move the story along. I knew that I wanted there to be an element of detective work and so we have this page here:

The second page of Captain Midnight

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The Next Article

By adminTuesday - March 16th, 2010Categories: Uncategorized

I feel like I’m back in high school faking my way through English assignments…..

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Watch what you say, everyone else is

By adminFriday - March 12th, 2010Categories: Uncategorized

I was doing some backtracking on my article, just rechecking timelines. I put a word into Google and the second entry that popped up was my article. Uhm….yeah. I am creeped out. Still.

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Dark and evil…..

By adminSaturday - March 6th, 2010Categories: Uncategorized

The editor strikes swiftly.
And then fades away….
Into the night.

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