Fall Update

How is it fall already?! It seems like summer was yesterday!
Well, it’s time for another quarterly update.


For those of you who haven’t noticed, the first issue of Tedieval is available on Amazon!
I’m working to get it distributed to other places, although if you email me at moongoth at hotmail dot com I can arrange to sell you an ebook directly. Also, for those of you wanting physical copies of comics, I’m afraid those won’t be ready for at least a couple of months (but that’s because I have a super surprise to go with that)
The webcomic is currently on hiatus while I work on a new script.

A Grotto of Poppies

I have an ashcan of the first part of the story available directly from me. Again, email me at moongoth at hotmail dot com and we can make arrangements for me to send you an ebook directly.
This webcomic is also on hiatus while I work on pencils for the next story.

Beth’s Art Website

I have to admit, it’s been too long since I last posted on my art website. I plan to get back to posting sketches regularly by January at the latest. Until then, I plan to infrequently post my doodles here and there when I have a moment. If you are interested in any of the artwork that I post on the site, they are now available as prints! Simply email me at moongoth at hotmail dot com and I’ll ship them out to you!

JP Wagner

This is the reason why I’ve had no time to work on comics or artwork. I’ve been super busy working on editing Talisman of the Winds. But guess what? The revisions are over! Now I’m formatting it and soon I’ll be releasing it for wide distribution! I’ll let you all know once I am closer to the launch date.

But I haven’t just been editing that. I’ve been doing nightly readings of manuscripts on Twitch. Once they are done, I lightly edit them and release them to YouTube. So if you are interested in listening to stories that will eventually be published feel free to check them out at my YouTube Channel!

I am also practising junk writing every morning as I warm my brain up for Nanowrimo but I’ll talk more on that over on the JP Wagner website later.