March Update

JP Wagner

I am releasing a new fantasy novel The Wanderpeople at the end of April and it is available for preorder right now from most retailers!

February Update

Well, so far so good! I seem to be on track this year! I have a chapbook already up on Amazon! There are more stories to tell and I can’t wait to share them!

JP Wagner

A black book cover with a white crown on it. The title says The Crystal Crown by JP Wagner
Buy or Download now!

The Crystal Crown, which was released as a free ebook back in December is now available on Amazon and eventually will be available at other retailers later on in March.

Another manuscript has been edited and is planned to be released in the Spring (see the JP Wagner website for more details as they happen)


As I work on my daily morning pages, I am getting character models down and so I also get back in the swing of working with the characters. I may be able to work on comics along with revising novels if I keep this up!

Beth’s Art Website

I’m not only sketching every weekday, but I am getting back that need to work on comics again!

Isaac & Lee

I’m doing the occasional morning page with the characters. Again, like with Tedieval, I think I may be able to sneak in pages here and there along with novel revisions.

Grotto of Poppies

The hiatus continues, but if I get one of the other comics done then I may find time to work on this one.

Happy New Year!

The past year was one of getting processes in place. I think I may finally have a workable plan in place, now to get practised with it!

JP Wagner

I will be working on trying to get out four novels this year. As I work on them I’ll be updating on the JP Wagner site, so check it out!


I will be working on pencils for issue #2 as I have a full plate this year, I won’t be able to start working on this for sure until the later part of the year so I am expecting very slow progress.

Beth’s Art Website

My son bought me a Rocketpad so I will try to do a morning warm up sketch every week day in order to maintain my drawing muscles! The catch with these will be one chance, no erasing and no redrawing. Whatever I sketch gets posted. This is to put pressure on myself and to fight the inner critic.

Isaac & Lee

As with Tedieval I will be working on this comic later on in the year.

Grotto of Poppies

This story will be on hiatus until further notice as I focus on other projects.

September 2022 Update

Hey everyone! Sorry I didn’t update you about my attendance to Rose City Comicon last weekend! It was very last minute. But I had a blast and met some wonderful people (like yourself perhaps!).

My next appearance will be in Calgary at The Panel One Comic Creator Festival, Saturday, October 1, 2022, 11 am – 6 pm at the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association – 1320 5 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2N 0S2.

So if you are in the neighbourhood, feel free to stop by!

On the Road!

I’ll be sharing a table at FanExpo next week, so if you are in the area, feel free to stop by!
I’ll be in the North Building and I’ll post my table assignment on Wednesday!

Coming July 31st!

Clicking on the button will take you to the Books2Read page so you can choose your favourite retailer to order from!

Krinneth lay dying in a field medical tent after a fierce battle. Even so, he was granted a holding and the king’s youngest daughter. Not willing to let go of her husband to be so easily, magical help was sought. A bargain was struck. And now Krinneth must spend nine years in Faerie, a strange land where Elves, Goblins and even stranger creatures dwell.

Coming April 30th!

The book cover for The Guardian of the Sword. A heraldic symbol of an upraised sword, the symbol of Avantir.
Clicking on the button will take you to the Books2Read page so you can choose your favourite retailer to order from!

Avantir is on its last legs. The Hygerians are about to take the barony. Rorick’s father entrusts him with the Sword which must not be named. It is a sword of immense power, which is awaiting its new master. Rorick flees the castle and begins to search for Prince Conel who was hidden in the hills during the unrest. Together they will join forces to save the kingdom!

Updates and News

JP Wagner Novels

I have just finished the first round of edits for the Stonecaller novel which means now it’s going to rest for a bit while I focus on other projects.


I’m getting back into the swing of working on comics. I’m currently inking Tedieval and while it’s slow going, I’m really happy with how it’s turning out. It’s just going to take a little longer than usual.

General News

I am still reading stories on Twitch and YouTube on Wednesday so if you are interested in hearing some very rough draft of stories, feel free to tune in!

Virtual Festival Canzine

In May I’ll be part of Canzine as it joins TCAF for an online festival!

If you follow Moongate Studios for comics, then from May 8-15 go to the TCAF site to find my booth and get a chance to experience many other comic creators and zinesters!

Schedule Changes:

Or, why I should never announce something until it’s ready to post

I’ll start by saying it’s been too long since I’ve posted here, that’s because it’s been a busy few months.
Secondly, I’d really like to talk to December Beth, she was a little too optimistic and thought that she’d be able work on comics while trying to draft a novel. This did not happen. It was an experiment and it failed. As a result, Tedieval did not update in January as planned. For anyone who was looking forward to new comics, they will come out but I’ll update you once they are ready to go live again.
This began an avalanche and as a result, nothing will be on time this year.


I will let you know once the site is ready to go live and will announce it on this website.

Isaac & Lee

This won’t be ready until after Tedieval goes live. I will announce it here on this website.

A Grotto of Poppies

This comic will be on hiatus until further notice.

Once again, I am sorry.