Spring 2020 Post

I was going to write a spring time post to give everyone an update on conventions and whatnot but then… Well, I’d like to say it was the global pandemic’s fault, but it really wasn’t that. I just got caught up with other things and forgot that I actually hadn’t posted anything.

I will say that the whole thing with Covid-19 freaked me out at first, but then my coping mechanisms kicked in. What are my coping mechanisms you might ask?
Well apparently part of it includes doing a live action readthrough/edit of one of my dad’s manuscripts. If you are interested in listen to me claw my way through reading and stumbling over simple words you can find me on Twitch and my username is Beth At Twitch (all one word and all lowercase), just look for the purple dragon.

Another part is focussing on finishing both Tedieval and A Grotto of Poppies webcomics, both of them are on a monthly schedule and I will be taking a brief hiatus beginning in June/July while I work on scripts for the next stories.
Finally, in order to maintain a sense of accomplishment, once a week I’m going to do a sketch and a short story (which could be anything from microfiction to a true short story).

One final thing before I wrap things up, please be aware that my store page is currently broken. If you are interested in purchasing anything from me, please feel free to email me and we can make arrangements from there. Sorry for the inconvenience everyone!
If you are interested in giving a one time donation, please feel free to head over to my Kofi page where you can buy me a kofi (it’s basically a tip jar).