Looking Forward to the New Year

Wow. What a year! But I don’t have to tell you that. Whatever you were expecting, this year was not at all what you thought it would be. I was still able to be fairly productive and I got things done. Of course it’s never as much as I would like, but this past year has taught me a bit of patience.

JP Wagner

As of January 1st I will be performing my own version of a Novel writing month that I am calling Janowrimo. During this month I will be working on the first draft of the story Carla and the Elves. I was pretty sure that there was already a story titled this which my father had written, but I haven’t found it yet so I am writing this story for now.
I will also be editing the sequel to Talisman of the Winds called Stonecaller. For those of you who follow my YouTube Channel, you would have heard me read this story earlier in 2020. I will let you know more as I continue the editing process.
Anything beyond that? Well, I’ll let you know later on in 2021.


Now available at Amazon and your local bookstores!

So the first issue of Tedieval is available in ebook and paperback wherever books are sold.
As for the webcomic, it will resume it’s monthly updating later on in January.

Beth’s Art Website

My goal for 2021 is to resume weekly sketches on my art website, they will likely be on the spot so keep checking the website for new artwork/sketches.

Isaac & Lee

After a very long hiatus, this year there will be new Isaac & Lee comics starting in March, look for new weekly updates!

Grotto of Poppies

The next story arch in the Grotto of Poppies series will begin in June of this year. So join Dr. Watterson and Dr. Rhodes as the mystery deepens!