Watch what you say, everyone else is

I was doing some backtracking on my article, just rechecking timelines. I put a word into Google and the second entry that popped up was my article. Uhm….yeah. I am creeped out. Still.

Isaac & Lee in The Talkies

 So it’s like this, I am admitting that I have a lot of things to get done this year and I simply do not have enough time to do it all in. I now have to decide what I need to do myself and what I can get other people to do.
Creating the next Isaac & Lee comic? That’s my job. Doing an animation piece? Well, I can try my hand at the animation itself, but I could really use someone to write the script for me. I have a very general story outline, I just need someone to fill in the gaps and write it all out. I also need someone who knows the characters even remotely or someone who has read the books.
GAH!!! I need to clone myself so I can get all this stuff done. It the only solution.
Then I need voice actors…I have one sucker I mean volunteer, I need at least one more and then I can go from there…although a script is a good idea….in general.

A living a lifetime in a moment

I don’t know if anyone else has had this happen. You are out somewhere and you have to stand in line or something like that. But right beside you is someone. Not just any someone but someone who makes you go wow. Suddenly you start imagine meeting them and trying to figure out what they are like. Before you know it, you’ve invented an entire story around them and what things would be like if you knew them.
In fact you get so wrapped up in it all that you don’t even say anything to them and before you know it, they’re gone.

For Colin:

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The Last Day of VCon

Really there wasn’t much to it. We sat there, waiting for it to be over. I firmed up my plans for Emerald City Con and promised to send a submission for an anthology piece by Tuesday. Aside from the girl who played poker with Jesus it was a rather uneventful end to the convention.