The Last Day of VCon

Really there wasn’t much to it. We sat there, waiting for it to be over. I firmed up my plans for Emerald City Con and promised to send a submission for an anthology piece by Tuesday. Aside from the girl who played poker with Jesus it was a rather uneventful end to the convention.


  1. Hello.
    I was at VCon also, though I don’t recall talking to you. I’m commenting because I noticed your post on my brother’s friends page. He’s chaotic_nipple, sorry I don’t know how to LJ-link in a comment. 🙂 He seems to have a lot of friends in the Pacific NW, for some reason.

    See you around.

    1. Well you would have seen me in the hat. It was a very long toque that went to the back of my knee. The day before that I was wearing a purple plaid school girl-type skirt with shiny black boots. I was in the artist’s alley near the dealer’s room.

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