Quarterly Check-in?

Hi all! So it looks like what was supposed to be a monthly check-in has turned into a quarterly check-in.
I’m going to work on trying to improve that but giving a monthly update on what I’m doing.

Comics and Artwork

So I’ve been working on updating websites and getting a couple of sites ready to launch (one having launched on May 1st and the other one set to go live in June)

On May 4th I was a part of Free Comic Book Day at my local comic store, Taz Comics. It was busy as always and I was selling fan art, comics, and doing commissions. The best part was seeing the amount of young readers who came out to discover comics! Because that’s what Free Comic Book Day is all about.

On May 18th I will be walking around VANCAF saying hi to people and promoting my webcomics. If you are in or around the GVRD, I highly recommend stopping by the Yaletown Roundhouse Theatre to check it out. Admission is free!

Then on June 1st I will have a table in Calgary at the Panel One Festival. This festival is reported to be like VANCAF, I can’t wait to see what it’s like and to get a chance to meet other comic creators from the Calgary area.

So this is my update for now. I have a lot of different things going on in different parts of the Studio, so stay tuned for future updates!