Happy New Year!

The past year was one of getting processes in place. I think I may finally have a workable plan in place, now to get practised with it!

JP Wagner

I will be working on trying to get out four novels this year. As I work on them I’ll be updating on the JP Wagner site, so check it out!


I will be working on pencils for issue #2 as I have a full plate this year, I won’t be able to start working on this for sure until the later part of the year so I am expecting very slow progress.

Beth’s Art Website

My son bought me a Rocketpad so I will try to do a morning warm up sketch every week day in order to maintain my drawing muscles! The catch with these will be one chance, no erasing and no redrawing. Whatever I sketch gets posted. This is to put pressure on myself and to fight the inner critic.

Isaac & Lee

As with Tedieval I will be working on this comic later on in the year.

Grotto of Poppies

This story will be on hiatus until further notice as I focus on other projects.