February Update

Well, so far so good! I seem to be on track this year! I have a chapbook already up on Amazon! There are more stories to tell and I can’t wait to share them!

JP Wagner

A black book cover with a white crown on it. The title says The Crystal Crown by JP Wagner
Buy or Download now!

The Crystal Crown, which was released as a free ebook back in December is now available on Amazon and eventually will be available at other retailers later on in March.

Another manuscript has been edited and is planned to be released in the Spring (see the JP Wagner website for more details as they happen)


As I work on my daily morning pages, I am getting character models down and so I also get back in the swing of working with the characters. I may be able to work on comics along with revising novels if I keep this up!

Beth’s Art Website

I’m not only sketching every weekday, but I am getting back that need to work on comics again!

Isaac & Lee

I’m doing the occasional morning page with the characters. Again, like with Tedieval, I think I may be able to sneak in pages here and there along with novel revisions.

Grotto of Poppies

The hiatus continues, but if I get one of the other comics done then I may find time to work on this one.