VCon Day 2

My alarm went off at 7am. By 7:30am I finally managed to drag my carcass out of bed and plopped down in front of the computer to print out Forest Through the Trees. I came to
Grabbed breakfast as they were packing it up and stole bacon off of someome’s plate.
After getting my table set up a bunch of were looking at panels we might want to sit in on. It was at that time we realised that Cloudscape was supposed to be doing a panel on mini-comics. Which unfortunately was a surprise to even them. Luckily Janathon threw together a schedule. I was the girl with the longarm stapler so I got nomimated to demonstrate how to assemble a mini-comic. After each person was done speaking we went into an open discussion on mini-comics. We spoke about how web-comics are affecting mini-comics.
The afternoon was relatively normal until Crazy Steven came along. We’d all seen him before. The last time he approached me he spoke about shooting people. This time it was about a pimp drug lord who ruined people’s lives. My tablemate fled half way through the conversation leaving me by myself with Crazy Steven. Luckily, Jonathon distracted him enough for me to get away.
We (the comic creators) packed up and went for dinner where we proceeded to talk to each other about our plans for next year and how we aren’t going to VCon in 2010.
(I don’t know how coherant this last part is)
VCon Day 2